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Petitions is a viral way of collecting feedback and support for a particular cause. This mod provides the ability for members to create Petitions and get others to attach their signature to the cause.

Petitions typically have a goal for signatures and shows the progress as they are signed.

The Creator of the Petition has the ability to export signatures by downloading Signature list in Excel format.


  • Members can follow a Petition.
  • Petition Administrator can Mass Message supporters.


  • Members can Rate and Comment on a Petition.


  • Members can share Petitions of interest.
  • Members can Invite supporters to be a part of a particular Petition.


  • Admin can set Petitions as Featured.
  • Admin can Post-Moderate Petitions.


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Added a product to , petition

This module is designed to allow site members to share their ideas and demands. A member can post an idea, get some discussion about it if he wants to and wait for someone to implement it. This can serve as a nice tool to determine your members' requirements and demands. For example before making some changes to the site you can describe it as an idea and see the feedback of your members regarding that new feature.Besides that it can be used simply to discuss common ideas and collect opinions and votes, thus giving a score and making it easier to decide whether an idea is worthwhile or not according to public opinions/votes.An Idea supports comments, opinions (a message left while putting a vote) and status updates (a messages which could be posted by a responsible profile). Each Idea can be taken by someone for an implementation and since that moment that profile becomes the idea's responsible person who is allowed to post updates and move the idea to the "Implemented" or "Failed" status. In addition to this a responsible profile is allowed to send mass emails to all voters of an idea.

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