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This module adds the possibility for you (as site owner) to create a list of auto friends for your site. It means that all profiles which were added in the list become friends with the other site members or newly joined members automaticaly.


  • Any number of profiles can be added in auto friends list. See Image №1.
  • It doesn't matter when profile was added in the list. It becomes a friend of all current and future site members.
  • Profiles can be easily removed from auto friends list. Two ways are available:
    1. Remove profile from the list only. It means that this profile remains to be a friend with all current site members, but won't become a friend with newly joined members.
    2. Remove profile from the list and unfriend it with all site members.
  • While you are adding a profile in the auto friends list you may add some description which will be attached to the profile. See Image №1.
  • "Auto friends" block on Home and Dashboard pages. In the aggregate with auto friend's description this block can be used as a reference book to show newly joined members which site member he/she can contact with in different situations. For example you may add 3 profiles in the list:
    1. Yourself with "Administrator" as the description.
    2. Mike - "Content Moderator".
    3. Jane - "Sales Specialist".
  • Having this info newly joined member will definitely know who he/she needs to contact with in some situation. See Image №2.
  • Enable/Disable friend request. When it's enabled the module will send friend requests instead of adding profiles to friends automatically. See Image №3
  • Enable/Disable follow mode. When it's enabled the module will use following instead of friendship.

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    This module will create a block on the homepage that will guide persons and organizations to upload their profile photo and cover photo. If the user has not uploaded their photo and cover then user will see this block to upload their photo and cover. If the user has their profile photo and cover photo then the user will not see this block.

    Support Ended for this module now.

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      This simple module creates a block with a Code on a profile view page. The QR Code contains an URL to that profile's page. This allows to easily links on mobiles.
      Also an owner of a profile is allowed to download the QR Code as a png image for a later use. For example share it on some external resources or print it and share it in a real world this way making it very easy for people to reach the profile without necessity to type in a long profile URL/address in their browser's address bar.
      You can even force it to display your site's logo at a centre.

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        • Great module! Does what it says, works like a charm. Very usefull!

          • Its a good Module but i have a little problem: i using the Usernames Module by @MSolutions, in this module users can change ther link to the profile. When i change the link to my profile, the QR Codes have no changes to this link, they show only the old links in QR-Codes

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