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Hello wonderful people,With the theme, what are the pros and cons of changing the Page Width from 1024 to 1920? Can Protean work with that width? In other words, will the panels display correctly if I change the site width from 1024 to 1920 for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices?Lastly, why was 1024px selected as the default screen width for Protean?
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Hi folks,I created a new mix using Lucid. I want to change the background color of the main menu that stretches across the top (on desktop), and I want to change the background color of the entire body. I made those changes in Lucid > Styles and saved them, but the color changes don't show up. At the bottom of the site, I do have selected the correct mix. The default mix is the correct mix, as well. Cache for the site and the browser has been cleared several times. Different devices also show no changes. What am I forgetting to do?Thanks for any suggestions ;)*edit*Resolved! Here's the takeaway for those that want to edit or or any other or that allows you to change styles on your site. I'm sure this is not the only way to do this, but this is how I did it.You can't directly edit Lucid or Protean, so you have to create a new mix (clone). I'll use Lucid as an example here. To create a new mix, go to Studio > Launcher > Lucid and click Styles, then Export. This will export the css file for Lucid. Next, in your local files where the file was downloaded, rename it to something meaningful. Don't change the extender.Now, before you continue with my method of making a new mix, make sure you are 100% comfortable with what you're doing here...if you mess up this css file, your site will probably look really, really, bad. So only do this is you understand my angle of attack on the problem/solution.Next, open that file in a text editor. In the beginning of that file, you'll see something like the following:{"mix":{"type":"bx_lucid","category":"","name":"Lucid","title":"Lucid"},"options"......Edit the name Lucid (or whatever your says) to reflect your next mix's name. So it might look like this:{"mix":{"type":"bx_lucid","category":"","name":"MyNewTheme","title":"MyNewTheme"},"options"......Save the file. Then, go back to the page you were on in the Lucid app on your site, and this time click Import. Import the file you just edited.After the new theme is imported, you can reload that page and you'll see you've got System, Light Mix (if you're editing Lucid: Light Mix), and your theme listed.Once you've selected you theme's name from the dropdown list, you can start editing the colors and so forth, by clicking GENERAL, HEADER, FOOTER, BODY...and the rest of those in the list.After you've made a change, save the theme changes with the save button down below.Now you've got to make that theme the default theme for the site. To do that, go back to Studio > Launcher > Lucid (or whatever theme you're cloning is called) and click on Settings. Make sure Name in Template Switcher and Default mix is set correctly. If it's not correct, fix it and click save.Now's actually the tricky part. The changes might not show up when you reload your site because either the server (your website and the UNA software) had old information cached for speed, or, your browser has old information cached for speed. Probably both. To see your theme changes, you're going to have to clear the cache out of your browser and the site.To clear the cache on the site go to Studio > Launcher > Dashboard and click Cache, then click Clear LESS cache and Clear CSS cache. To clear your browser depends on which browser you use. Sort that out and clear the cache on your browser. You only need to clear the cache out of your browser for the website you're working on, not any others. Also, once you clear the cache in your browser for (only) your website (that you are testing the new theme on), you will probably get logged out of your site, so you'll have to log back in.Once you've cleared the caches out, you can reload your site and see the changes you've made to the theme. On the internet is a few nifty sites that let you peek at what your site looks like from other parts of the world. Use one of those to load your site up and see if the theme changes are there. They should be. Also, load the site on a different computer or phone or browser, because they might not have old css cached/saved in then, and they might show the changes faster.At this point, the changes/new mix/theme should show. If it doesn't, go back and check your style edits and make sure they are there and that you saved them. Make sure you set the new theme name correctly. To do that, go back to Studio > Launcher > Lucid (or whatever theme you're cloning is called) and click on Settings. Make sure Name in Template Switcher and Default mix is set correctly. If it's not correct, fix it and click save. Most of all, if your new mix isn't showing, then it's most likely a cache thing, so clear the caches again or use a different browser to load the site from, to see if the new mix took hold.May the force be with you ;)
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