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This module allows you to create site - a graceful with any text of your own. Such a can not be missed by any targeted member of your site. The most obvious use case of this module is to gracefully force free members to become paid members. Or it can be used to promote something else, show any kind of advertisement, show a welcome messages, etc. It is possible to find a lot of ways to use for this module because it offers a lot of settings and options:

  • Allows to create multiple reminders
  • Each reminder is seen by a member every specified number of minutes, or once only, or once per session, or once per page load.
  • Allows to set up a delay after session start before showing a reminder.
  • Full multilingual support
  • Optionally allows to create a reminder which can not be closed till the specified number of seconds will pass. Can be useful for showing some kind of advertisement for non-paid members.
  • Allows to display a reminder at certain days of week only
  • Optionally allows to display a reminder on a certain page only
  • Offers targeting filter by Profile status and Membership level
  • AJAX based updates checking every minute for reminders to show, which means that even if a member is sitting constantly on a single page (chat for example) - he still will be able to see a reminder


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This app adds a possibility to create stickers like on your refrigerator. 😉Each user would be able to easily create reminders for himself (see screenshot #1). Stickers are displayed on all pages and can be move in any place of the page using drag&drop.User can create a common or important sticker. Important sticker has light red background to draw more attention (see screenshot #2).For those, who have a LOT of stickers the stickers manager tool is available (see screenshot #3). It can be accessed from Profile Stats menu.

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