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You can try to update Rocket.Chat settings directly in DB

1) login to your server via SSH

2) run the following command, so mongodb shell will be opened:


3) select current DB in the opened shell, the default db name is "rocketchat":

use rocketchat;

4) run the following queries to update settings, make sure to replace FULL-URL-TO-UNA-SITE (starting with http:// or https://), YOUR-KEY & YOUR-SECRET with your actual values

db.rocketchat_settings.update({"_id": "Accounts_OAuth_UNA_URL"}, { $set: {"value": "FULL-URL-TO-UNA-SITE", "meteorSettingsValue": "FULL-URL-TO-UNA-SITE"}});
db.rocketchat_settings.update({"_id": "Accounts_OAuth_UNA_id"}, { $set: {"value": "YOUR-KEY", "meteorSettingsValue": "YOUR-KEY"}});
db.rocketchat_settings.update({"_id": "Accounts_OAuth_UNA_secret"}, { $set: {"value": "YOUR-SECRET", "meteorSettingsValue": "YOUR-SECRET"}});

As the result you should see something like this: "WriteResult({ "nMatched" : 1, "nUpserted" : 0, "nModified" : 1 })"

It maybe Rocket.Chat restart will be required.

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This service will help you setup Rocket Chat properly.

Requirements :

 - Root access

 - Host access.

 - Studio access.

Hardware Requirements

Minimum Requirements for Server Deployment


Note: After purchased please pm me root  and studio access or you can add me on Skype at Expertzkris look for the logo.


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