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I am an O2 mobile customer and frequently have issues getting codes to log in to Paypal and many others wesbites. I find authenticator apps are more reliable and don't have to wait for a text or have the issue with not receiving the text at all waiting for users mobile providers to fix the issues, stopping users from logging in. 

I have also had the same complaint about Three and EE.

Maybe integrating the use of Microsoft, Google or another popular one is Authy.

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    • Twilio own Authy. The same as Google Auth. 

      The thing is SMS is not always reliable and when someone can't sign in because a carrier is not getting the text they give up and don't come back sometimes. I know I have given up with some sites that only provide SMS verification.

      I think Genesis means is he wants the google auth to work with google cloud console. That would be an alternative.

      On most of my sites, I provide Google Auth as an alternative to SMS verification due to the issues mentioned. My Google Auth works by using Google Cloud Console and its two-factor services. 

      Even a general one. Like I can use the following to login to my google account. 

      Authy (iPhone and Android App)

      Google Auth Obviously

      Microsoft Authenticator


      This way people don't have to wait for a SMS that may never come. 

      At the moment I won't activate Two-Factor on my UNA sites due to this. Also, I find Twilio so expensive. 

      • Thank you for the idea, it's planned for the future already

        • Today Apple and android users don’t receive sms typically, it’s more of a messenger system for in network (meaning Apple to Apple or Android to Android) so the google cloud with is a great solution if they have data/WiFi connection. Which they should if logging into a site. Apple has their own limited system but it’s nowhere near as far along as Androids. 

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          Added a discussion to , SMS

          We use BulkSMS for messaging our clients. It would be nice to see that as an option, as we use that and for our clients is simple. We used to use Twilio but people complained that it was confusing to them. 

          BulkSMS has a very simple control panel and integrations.

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