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  • Hello @Abbey  !

    You need to add the code like:

    -create-post li.bx-menu-item {

    color: new color;


    to the Custom Styles area of your template mix.

    • Hello @Karina Budhrani !

      It is possible to do with the CSS styles in the Custom Styles area of your template. So add there smth like:

      -add-content .bx-menu-item .bx-menu-floating-blocks-title {

      font-size: 1,5rem;


      • The Popup for hashtags:


        i can´t scroll

        • Try this one:

          -create-post  span.bx-mi-icon{

          display: block;


          -create-post span.bx-mi-title {

          display: none;


          • UPDATE: final tested variant:

            -create-post  a .sys-icon {
            -create-post .span.bx-def-margin-sec-left-auto {

            • With this code, the menu disappears :(

              -create-post .bx-db-menu ul>li:not(.bx-menu-item-more-auto) a .sys-icon {
              -create-post .bx-menu-item  span.bx-def-margin-sec-left-auto {
              • Corrected my post with #sys-create-post addon.

                • Hello @InPage !

                  The default code already contains the icons there too. So you need to add following lines to the Custom Styles area of your own template mix:

                  #sys-create-post .bx-db-menu ul>li:not(.bx-menu-item-more-auto) a .sys-icon {



                  -create-post .bx-menu-item  span.bx-def-margin-sec-left-auto {



                  • only administrators of ur site will see this!!! 

                    And it´s important to have it or u can´t control members if they do something wrong or have any problems on ur site.

                    But if u don´t like to see this, than u can insert the following code in ur theme CSS:

                    -switch-profile-context { display: none; }
                    • No quite yet.  I am beginning to thinks you guys don't love me anymore... say it ain't so :'(       What am I supposed to do with all this money burning a hole in my pocket?

                      Sorry for delay. Actually such modification requires some changes which aren't fitting the UNA structure well, since posting into context can be done from different places, also there are roles in group based modules which will require quite complicated interface to specify which content is allowed to post for different roles, which could overlap some privacy settings in a group. 

                      As an intermediate solution I would suggest some simple workaround, just add the following CSS code into RAW block on Space view page, it will hide specified items from "Create Post (Context)" block menu:

                      -create-post-ma-popup li[class*=bx_glossary],
                      -create-post-ma-popup li[class*=bx_shopify],
                      -create-post-ma-popup li[class*=bx_snipcart],
                      -create-post li[class*=bx_glossary],
                      -create-post li[class*=bx_shopify],
                      -create-post li[class*=bx_snipcart] {
                        display: none;

                      It maybe it is without sugar on top, but it should work.

                      Hello @Abbey  !You need to add the code like:-create-post li.bx-menu-item {color: new color;}to the Custom Styles area of your template mix.
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                      Hello @Karina Budhrani !It is possible to do with the CSS styles in the Custom Styles area of your template. So add there smth like:-add-content .bx-menu-item .bx-menu-floating-blocks-title {font-size: 1,5rem;}
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                      The Popup for hashtags:-labels-select-popupi can´t scroll
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                      Try this one:-create-post  span.bx-mi-icon{display: block;}-create-post span.bx-mi-title {display: none;}
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                      UPDATE: final tested variant:-create-post  a .sys-icon { display:block; } -create-post .span.bx-def-margin-sec-left-auto { display:none; }
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