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The job is at 90% completed and Release 0.5 is 80% completed. We now have an estimated date of 05/01/2021 for the launch of our new UNA Server Packages.
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Happy New Years Eve Everyone,We are nearing completion of our UNA Server Packages, we are just waiting for the powers at be @ UNA.IO to accept and set up a few things on their end. In the meantime, we are setting up the addition of App Management into our packages.How will this work?Over the next month, we will be messaging the developers of some of the most popular apps on the UNA App Market. Explaining that we will be buying and managing the following aspects of their app into our services. Purchase of their app for our clients.Installation of their app for our clients.We will be communicating on behalf of our clients with troubleshooting if needed.Reallocation of their app if unused.We were hoping to be launching in the new year, but due to waiting for replies, this has put us back. We apologise for this and our clients waiting for the service to start we are really sorry and trying our hardest to push it through. We still do not have a start date but as soon as we do we will post it on our group on here.Until then we wish everyone a very happy new year.If you are a developer reading this. please...Contact us we really want to work closely with developers to help our clients get the most out of their UNA Server Packages and Services.
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