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After Update so much stuff not working

I have a bunch of stuff that simply doesn't work after the new update.

1.) Tik Tak Videos not playing

2.) Cannot message anyone on messenger box's placed on profile pages

3.) "Powered by Embedly" popped up again even when code was placed in header

4.) Custom code no longer fits in custom box's or Raw Box

5.) Froala Editor doesn't work...

I just wish for once that everything could actually run smooth... That has literally never happened. Every update just messes up previous stuff. Trying to chase down all the app owners for updates and getting help to fix stuff... Just for the next update to create more problems. I have been paying $100 a month since 2019 and never had an actual stable version. Closest was UNA 12 but 13 just destroyed it. I simply ask that UNA stop deploying universal fixs for everyone and seperate those that are on UNA Cloud vs personal servers. Please work on creating a stable version for those on UNA Cloud because we cannot get access to control panels so we cannot have personal help just fix codes on the fly. I suggest opening a way for UNA Cloud members can get direct help soon from UNA devs. I really would like for the first time to have an actual stable version. The new updates seem to just cause more bugs than those that are supposedly fixed. What issues may arise on personal servers may not necessarily be an issue on UNA Cloud so when updates are issued they effect servers differently. I am not trying to say this in a rude way but I am paying $100 a month since 2019 and have never had a site that runs smooth to the point I can introduce it to the world. I would rather all that money went to fixing the existing bugs and creating hand tailored mods because then I wouldn't have to worry every update on having to fix 10 new bugs and having mods I bought be fixed. I think it might help from here on out before new bugs are added to updates to see how many sites are affected and if the sites are on private or UNA Cloud servers.

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    • There was 2 updates released for our module on the same day. Please make sure Tiktak Short Videos module is in latest version 2.2.1, if it is in latest update and the issue persists please send us a message, we will fix it asap.


      • I sent you a PM. The latest update caused them to stop working

        • Hello @Will Roberts !

          1) I guess the vendor has answered you already :-)

          2)As I remember, @Alexey was worming under this question with you in other thread.

          3) PM with the details about it too.

          4) It works, just your previous code doesn't look like before, but it might depend on the code.

          5) Froala team has made the license changes, which don't depend on our side. We've applied the fix to this situation in the coming beta.

          • but he is right ... it must get a stable version and when u do update by UNA u need to open realeas and not 20 Beta Versions ... We pay for this in the end and we need stable versins and not be a testobject ... we have peoples or customers on Site, and some likes makes money with the own Website ... but we cant when the functions are not working and otherwiese some 3-third-party customers will leave and dont update there modules anymore for so much update troubles, in this end we payed this modules for nothing too !!!! ;)

            Best way open a demo website with UNA Script ... were people can test the new versions for u ;) Than UNA can open realease ... all can Update and all good.

            Over a half year nothing is working correctly with the Networking Script :(

            Fazit: i can´t promote a Website what is not working !!!

            • But there is the stable version which is really robust. (12.01).

              why don't you use it? I am having no problem with the stable version with 10K+ active members. Actually since I join UNA I only use the stable versions on my site and had very rare problems.

              The alphas or betas may take long time to progress to a stable version...

              • The issue is that even with 12.0.1 stable version there is still bugs that needed to be fixed. Those bugs are then temporarily fixed until the next update wich upends some of those bugs or creates new ones. A suggestion I had before was a testing site where UNA Devs had access to all the mods so they could see which mods create issues with alpha, beta, and stable mods. If I was starting with a clean site and used just UNA mods my site would probably be fine. But then it wouldn't be unique and the template would just be a clone. MS Solutions was able to identify the fact that the messenger box on profile pages causes an issue with other mods. The messenger box also stopped working after the update. It is an issue for people that want that box on profile pages but for those that don't have the box there it would seem like there is no bugs. This is why a testing site with ALL the mods available to developers to test out so they can see how their mods interact with UNA Mods and vise versa. Even with 12.0.1 there is still a bunch of small minor issues that I've ignored. Some mods I bought I Uninstalled them awhile ago because they just don't work even in 12.0.1 A site that is fully stable with over 2/3rds of the mods not causing issues is what I need so I can just stop all further updates and just work on custom mods

                • Yes specific installations for each important version for module developers would be a very usefull solution :)

                  • Same here. Only stable version in use

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