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Geo-location Feature Request

A feature to make the Geo-location as a customizable interface to allow for other possible Geo-location services.

Purchased AQB Soft's Locations Map and chose OSM.Mapnik. Now, when we fill in Location... says, "This page can't load Google Maps correctly." As you know, some of us refused to use Google, Facebook, and all that brown-eyed mullets.

Come on, dudes... when is Open Street Maps by default coming?

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    • Hello, it's been asking for a long time and a ticket has been created. You have a link to the ticket at the bottom of this discussion.

      But as everyone agrees to try to do without the maximum of brown-eyed mullets, everyone would very much appreciate it being brought back from the future to 11, it is a possibility of the most important and most awaited I thought. Is it possible Andrew Boon ?

      • Originally aimed in 10. *sigh* Moved to Future? Long yearning... *sniffles, looks down and walks away*

        • This is an important update and we do want to implement it ASAP. You see it in Future milestone now because the v11 milestone is not fully planned yet. We published the timing guidelines earlier and the idea is to stick to specific timeframes from after v10 release. So, updates will be more frequent and predictable, but smaller in size. Right now we are only adding the “must have” features to v11 milestone plan, but as we get better clarity on available time we will be able to add improvements like OSM. 

          • Okay, that seems like a good plan. When the train goes by often, it's less hopeless to have to wait for the next one. I'm sure everyone will gain time and less stress in the end. FYI, last update it went well :-)

              • Baloo your metaphors are sublime 😎 We plan to have smaller trains running more often and on time! Toot toot! 🚉

                • I really like using metaphors :-)

                  • Update the priority to higher level.

                    • We have released the Profile Location module which offers an alterative way to use the Location field without having to rely on Google Services.

                      • A more extended Location Picker has been released which can provide a full alternative to google services.

                        • Alex T⚜️ Andrew Boon LeonidS Any updates to this? I created a key and put it in my site's settings. I created a post and typed a few letters of my city in the location box. It gave me a few options to choose from so I selected my city and created the post. I then tried to test it out again by creating another post, but it didn't respond to anything typed inside the location box. Any ideas? I have Geolocation, Maps JS, Maps Static, Places enabled and key restricted to those API's.

                          I notice many people are still having trouble with this feature. Suggestion if I may, remove the feature if so many are having problems. I don't use it personally but was testing it out for someone.

                          • Yes this is also not working on my site. Google APi does not work, so I then bought and paid for the Maps locator module and it also does not work do to an older PHP system that I cannot change to any higher or newer, because of a shared server. Maps is an important tool needed in a social site.

                            Please address this if you would, asap.

                            Una is a great platform. Lets fix the holes before moving forward with new features. It benefits us all to have a stable platform to work from that is fluid.

                            • Do you still have problems with the Location Picker?
                              As we wrote you in a private message the module has been updated so now it doesn't rely on a libxml extension which was outdated on your server and thus should work fine. If it isn't then ensure that you're having the latest module's version which is currently 1.1.4.

                              • Location search with Location Picker still needs Google API. Is this correct?

                                Enclosed a screen, search in module ADS


                                • @ABQ soft --   unrelated to james problem, does this support AND operate properly with open street maps yet, or another non ugly functional free maps api? if it does, i'd like to buy it, i am not a fan of the google monster. :)

                                  • Jeremy - I eventually got google maps working on mine, but it was a royal PITA. the PITA was caused by how difficult googles pages are to navigate...  not una, however.     you have to perform domain verification inside the console.cloud.google.com "thingy."  see image 1   click the three bars on the upper left of the blue menu, then API's and Library, its in that dropdown.     you have to enable a good number of maps API's.   Alex T⚜️ posted a nice thread about this a few weeks ago. but i dont have the link. there were a few other steps too, like set the http referrers, or some other such things, i dont recall now but i followed alex's guide and the whole process took me about an hour and a half.. you will also have to clear your cache for your una site after you do all that tweaking, and close your browser, and nuke your cookies, then log back in for testing it out....

                                    I personally enabled all 28 maps api's, just for the hell of it, and because I got tired of guessing.   mine works on my site, but i hate google products, so i'd love to use the newer module that @james is talking about, as long as it works with open street maps, out of the box, otherwise I will wait till the module matures...


                                      • Location search with Location Picker still needs Google API. Is this correct?

                                        Enclosed a screen, search in module ADS

                                        In case of using the Location Picker for location fields the search by Location doesn't work. Because the search logic is based on address string (country, state. city. etc.) while the Location Picker provides only latitude/longitude coordinates for a map marker. So it is better to disable the Location field on search forms in this case.

                                        UPDATE: https://una.io/page/cmts-view?sys=bx_forum&id=3567&cmt_id=24977

                                        • @ABQ soft --   unrelated to james problem, does this support AND operate properly with open street maps yet, or another non ugly functional free maps api? if it does, i'd like to buy it, i am not a fan of the google monster. :)

                                          Yes it fully supports Open Street Maps.

                                          • cooool.   !  Thank you for this.

                                            • Today we've released an update to Location Picker which now makes the search by location working. I.e. if a pointer is placed on a map on a search form then the search by a pointed city/town should be applied. We've decided to ignore a more granular location like zip, street and street_number so it applies a filter by city and upper only.

                                              • cool !  :)  I have just purchased it, can't wait to get this going :)   agree with the semantic logic decision - city/town logical boundary container is much more appropriate for how most people think.  

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