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Paid levels and PayPal settings in UNA

Can someone write down or point to step by step "how to" configure Payment and Paid levels.

I have installed both modules "Payment" and "Paid levels" but I am not sure how to or where to start

configuring payed levels membership and how to configure that payed membership levels can be payed

over PayPal.

Please help

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    • Hello @Mayki !

      Did you visit those links in your Wiki:




      Maybe you'll specify what points can be expanded to be quite clear?

      • Hi @LeonidS

        Yes, I was reading the above instructions on wiki but it is a bit confusing and complicated.

        I finally managed to set up PayPal correctly and I managed to enter correct credentials to

        my account on our page and Admin account as well.

        The settings in /page/payment-details can be confusing especially for "standard users" or users

        that are not very skilled with those kind of things.

        What confuses me is the two PayPal settings:


        It is confusing to me, not to mention the users of the site - how to explain to them what data (credentials) to enter and where, to which field and where

        to get those credentials in the first place....

        So it would be great if the wiki would tell us something like this:

        Admin must enter this and this and the credentials are obtained like this and this.

        Other non admin users need to do this and this.

        Kind regards


        • Hello @Mayki !

          In the account settings, the user's credentials for PayPal don't have the differences from the admin.

          • Hi @LeonidS

            that is exactly what worries me most.

            Those PayPal settings are very confusing for not very skilled, common internet users. There is almost no way to understand which credentials goes under which part of two PayPal settings options.

            Maybe there should be in the menu something to explain users that one part of settings are for

            buying products and the other part of settings (PayPal API) are only needed if selling products on

            una powered site.

            • You may add the new block to the payment-details page with the explanation of the on site's ready payment providers and their entered parameters.

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