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People are are having issues joining

Is anyone else have issues with members having issues joining. It seem they give up. Most are are issues with the selections of the calendar. And others are maybe have issues, after signing up once with necessary field, it prompts to same fields again to fill out again. Confirmation email is an issue for others. Could someone come please take a look for me. I have 1000 tried to join and and only 640 could.

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    • Did you tell them to check their spam folder?

      • If fields have a red asterisk they need to complete those fields. You may also want to add a note on the join form, to please check spam folders for the confirmation email.

        • Hello @Doc !

          So with the first point what if you leave the date field to the Edit area only? About confirmation troubles - do you mean that your users don't get the confirmation letters?

          • yes sir they are not getting the confirmation letters

            • Did someone check the Spam / Junk folder?

              • My site does this once in a while. I had a whole 2 weeks where it didnt send confirmation.

                • Yes we testing it now and it is not getting the confirmation email. I have always had it turn off because it was never working for us

                  • Had that problem myself for weeks, too. Subscribers with Microsoft free email accounts (hotmail.com, live.com, etc) did not get confirmation emails, not even in their spam folders. The reason is that we are hosted on a shared virtual server and it was registered as a spamming IP-address (not because of us but because of another former user of that server) by Microsoft, so they blocked emails coming from our server even before people could get them in their email clients.

                    • Strange, as I remember I could register on your site and getting the notifications from there regularly (if we are talking about moneyboytv).

                      • Yes 🙌. But my member are not. So I just turned it back off.

                        • Well, in this case, I may suggest that UNA isn't suspect here :-)

                          • But i can see , that the most have problems with the calendar after registration

                            • Lately, more and more mail programs and services are sending things to the Spam folder. Many computer users do not know what or where it is. Obviously, no fault of UNA.

                              What is the easiest way to manually add someone who notifies you that things aren't working for them? Usually because of a false warning that spam is detected.

                              This is a huge but mostly undetected issue - as the statistics above verify.

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