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Serious issue with loading

In the last week or so. It has been having a couple situations coming up. In a single session sometimes. My site will load fine a few times then it will take up 5+ minutes (Hangs) to load a page. I need help. Not sure what is causing it, but it is irritating members. (This happens on admin or user side)

Another bad area that will take a huge amount of time is creating/adding albums. Sometimes it will never load the pics (Hangs), it just shows blank placeholders, and you literally have to close the browser wait 5-10 minutes and then clear browser cache and go back to reload album creation page to get them to show and load. (This happens on admin or user side)

Seems these started after upgrading to latest version.

NOTE: Mind you there are 6 other sites on same dedicated server that have beautiful awesome load times. It is only my UNA site having an issue. Like I said it seems this issue started after I updated to latest version of UNA. So I know it's not server side related.

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    • UPDATE: the situation was depending on the big number of mods and blocked updates there. We've applied some changes to improve the first point and waiting for now the completion of the second.

      • Thanks LeonidS for your persistence and speedy update to the matter and resolving the issues we've found.

        • Seems after whatever had been done during the process we been dealing with, a new one has arisen. People who create new accounts are getting a blank screen now, just after joining. Nothing appears there, and if you refresh the page it then shows up, but then there is no profile cover or links to edit or any links for that matter. Basically the whole upper section of a profile is not there

          • As you know from our conversation, there are some errors connected with the not-upgraded non-Boonex mods.

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