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UNA 13 Milestone

I check UNA 13 Milestone frequently and I'm noticing it went from 60% down to 59% and a bunch of stuff was added in the last couple days. My question is is this other people adding stuff or is it UNA team? Wouldn't it make sense to add it to future updates and chip away at 13 without adding new stuff to it?

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    • I think that's the normal process when the team is in a highly productive programming phase. While writing code and testing it, they notice some shortcomings, which have to be addressed. And the next update is really huge.

      • Normally I wouldn't care but it's going on 5 months with only 59% done. Many webmasters simply don't have a year to wait for bugs to be fixed.

        • Last time most of newly added issues are actually some sort of bugs or very minor internal enhancements.

          Also most probably some major tasks will be moved to UNA 14 to make UNA 13 released sooner.

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