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UNA 13 Update

Is there a way UNA can separate the remaining 25% of the issues needing to be resolved for UNA 13 to roll out? It is already April and this update started last year. Without knowing how the new update will change things many people are hesitant to change or create anything new right now. It has slowed down the Marketplace growth. People are hesitant to also buy new mods. I cannot get my app developed because I would again have to re-submit changes soon after. I check to see if maybe a huge chunk of issues will be resolved but it inches up 1 or 2% every couple weeks.

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    • Yes, I agree. The issues closed on 13-A3 is the longest so far in the history of una release as I have seen. I think it should be rolled out already to allow other betas testing release before 13 stable

      • Agreed. The few changes that are left probably won’t add much functionality compared to the whole. I’d rather have 75% of UNA 13 now that’s stable than 100% in a few months

          • I couldn’t agree more @Will Roberts . I basically said the same thing in my post here: https://una.io/page/cmts-view?sys=bx_forum&id=9236&cmt_id=39228

            • I quote what Andrew said...

              UNA 13 Alpha 1 and Alpha 2 now available for download with hundreds of fixes and improvements. Please, note that this is NOT A PRODUCTION-READY release and it recommended for testing and pre-production sites only. If you choose to use it, switch to Beta-channel in UNA Studio and both updates will become available automatically.

              We decided to release early builds now to keep UNA community informed and to allow time for developers to update/adapt their modules. UNA 13 and UNA 14 updates are planned to become two parts of a year-long UX-overhaul mission. We decided to go through every module, page, setting, language key... and revamp user-experience. The recent switch to TailwindCSS for styling prompted us to review everything and unify the UX of all the UNA's 80+ modules.
              • 13 is taking a long time. However, my members are only complaining about the speed of my servers and they yell at me when there are bugs. If there are bugs they spam my email with so many mean words, but never about the functionality of the site. They would like rock hard stability over anything else. My members are a little different... they openly speak their mind and that's what I like the most about "them." I shouldn't say "them"... I should say "us", referring to us as all being friends. (in case they read this) I should have used grammarly.

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