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What is the stance of UNA when it comes to Google FLoC?

Currently, we as a development team have been getting questioned about this topic for different platforms that we develop for, and having a better insight on these topics from the UNA community and core development team would be much appreciated.

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    This module allows to login or join the site using account credentials

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    Hello I'm currently working on a test of creating OAuth modules for the UNA platform and keep running into issues, for those that do not know us, we create modules for another platform named HumHub and of course our normal workings are based on the Yii Framework (i.e version 2 of the framework) but lately we've been also playing around with UNA we'd love to get some troubleshooting on the following issues.

    Issue: At the moment I've gotten everything working in the backend, but on account creation it throws "ERROR OCCURRED" any help would help us greatly, some additional information; going through the Discord generated link it throws "STATE PARAMETER ISN'T MATCHING" which is implemented but apparently not working on UNA's end of things any idea on how to fix this? Discord accepts the use of State or CSRF parameters

    Demo site:

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      • I looked over both the Twitter and Google oauth modules for examples, although the Twitter one uses only OAuth1 which wasn't usable as an example, I also did look over the Dev-API, I'll take a second look and do a few test runs, but I'm pretty sure that everything was covered right

        • Alright looks like I've gotten everything working, thanks for your reply LeonidS found the rather silly issue that was posted on the UNA GitHub repo that seemed to be similar to this issue and now have the OAuth module completely fixed, now all to do is see if I can find out and understand how to post it to the marketplace here 😌 

          • Hello again, just wanted to update this post a little bit, in compliance to the marketplace here, we feel that it would be best for us to distribute offsite of UNA as we understand the rules here are quite restrictive on modules that are published, again we understand that this is sometimes needed, which is why we have taken another path in publishing our module on our Ko-Fi shop


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