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Testing 13B1 here on UNA.IO now. UNA 13 getting much better and will be very stable by the time we release.

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    We are inching closer and closer. UNA 13 will be a great leap ahead, and UNA 14 will follow shortly after. Once we have the first Beta (next week with any luck) we will start regular video updates once again.

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      We are currently updating test sites and UNA.IO, testing the new v13 build. So, in the next few days you'll be seeing many changes on this site. Thank you for your understanding and patience as we are testing.

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        And so it happened - - Twitter accepted Elon’s offer.

        Twitter has become quite prominent in recent years as a de-facto town square for public political and social discussion, but they have been criticised for taking sides. In fact people on either side of politics have been unhappy at various times. So, I feel that if Musk delivers on his intent to make Twitter more open and objective it has a chance to become a great platform.

        I strongly believe that all niche communities, professional or local networks should be independent and have their own platforms (ideally powered by UNA), but I do acknowledge that a global network that is designed as a public publishing outlet is important and much needed, as long as it stays unbiased and only limits content that is manifestly illegal (like child abuse, doxxing, copyright infringements) or disruptive to its operation or content guidelines (like spam, phishing, ddos, porn, etc) - it shouldn’t take sides in political debate or artificially promote any particular narrative. Ideally the algorithm for feeds curation should be open - with regular independent code reviews.

        I hope that this isn’t going to be just a case of swinging Twitter to the right or just letting it lean left. Fingers crossed it would just be neutral. With that hope I’ll be using Twitter more actively and observe how it develops from here on now.

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          • No statement in feed displaying.

            • Best thing would be to open source the entire code not only the algorithms.

              An other alternative could be to support the fediverse ... I think it could benefit the humanity but both options may not benefit the business plans ;-)

              • Twitter is quite popular no doubt while Elon has encountered its nonsense in how it is operated and so decided he ought to own it. One thing however just like Facebook, Twitter is lacking in terms of user features and is by no means as advanced as Dolphin was or that UNA is. Both Dolphin and UNA are what social media ought to be. In UNA I was able to envision and add my own features using the html blocks which makes UNA a very creative sort of platform for use. Truth Social and Parlor are nothing more than Twitter clones in terms of layout and function and are a limited vision. UNA on the other hand gives the users quite a few ways to be creative and have fun with social media and is user friendly in this regards, as well as is user friendly for the owner / operator of the UNA site in terms of adding plugins as well as blocks to pages which as mentioned can contain creative html features and functions that the owner can conceive of in addition to the various available plugins.

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                Reposted SmokeyMcduff's discussion.

                I've been using UNA since 11 Sep 2020, I'm running it on two web sites. Last week a really well known Bitchute & Gab Icon made a posting about my web site and how awesome it was. Over the next two days I added almost 2 thousand users without any glitches or crashes on a VPS server. This software is robust and bad ass. Thank you and kudos goes out to the developers and those of you who help others on here. In case you're wondering, the web site that's using the software and rocking and rolling is here:

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