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"Cannot save: wrong file extension"

I was under the impression that small, self-adjusting svg files were the future for images such as logo's. I know they are used elsewhere in UNA.

Are there any plans to change this?

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Please include a setting to prohibit non-members from downloading files - such as PDFs, etc. There is no setting for this in the Permissions module which is where you would expect to find it.

Under the user LEVEL categories, there are indeed settings for UPLOADS - but not downloads.

I am trying to encourage users to become members - not merely hit and run downloaders. It's ok that they read the large pdf files but I do not want them downloaded indiscriminately.

In the meantime, how can I have the Download button appear for logged in members only? Or for the Download button to appear for all users but to produce an alert which says: "You must be logged in to download files." Can this be adjusted in the theme's custom file?

Thank you.

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    • Hello, you may adjust visibility “visible for anyone” @ studio->navigation->file->view file->download

      Just unselect visibility level for “unauthenticated”

      • Thank you, dear Stephen, for this valuable information. And thank you for helping many others, too.

        In the comment box which appears below the files, I have changed the wording to: "<a href="{0}">Login</a> or <a href="{1}">Join</a> to comment or to download files." This will alert users that downloads are a possibility even though the download button does not (yet) appear.

        • If you go to permissions you can disable that action for that level.

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          Several have expressed the need for a clarification of the "Location" toggle switch.

          Perhaps in the next version of UNA, there could be a failure warning (in a pop-up alert box), encouraging users to check their PRIVACY settings. Both for system and browser. And even the particular web site.

          Otherwise, they have no way of knowing what is going on when they click the Location button and it just goes from OFF to ON back to OFF. Over and over again.

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          Any ideas why? Does it mean something is amiss or that something has been modified?

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            • Many site issues can be caused by corrupt cookies or cache. In order to try to fix these problems, the first step is to clear both cookies and the cache.

              Note: This will temporarily log you out of all sites you're logged in to.

              • Hi Will. Thanks for the reply and congrats on rolling up all them points here on UNA.

                I downloaded a fresh copy of UNA to compare the virgin files to my own. Under some circumstances, the icon color indeed becomes defined as dark via Base 64 code. What determines this icon color is still unknown to me.

                You may be aware that hackers can use Base 64 images to hide their dirty tricks... So, it's kind of creepy.

                I will update this thread when I know more. Hopefully, it will be days - not weeks or months.

                • Just dumped 20 points to you, ok, it's cool

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                  Squirting them like a fire-hose.

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