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Why are new mod available on Market with out a description? I have a beta test site but am not in the habit of installing new mods with out knowing their function.

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    • Hello James, apologies for the delay. We should have some descriptions for the new mods very soon. In the meantime, if you are wondering about any specific modules please let me know and I can let you know about them and their functions.

      • How about letting us know about all of them?

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        Online.me has sql error message as home page

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          • Hello @James Prince !

            Thank you for the signal, it is under processing now.

            • https://online.me/page/groups-home also broken.

              Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function id() on boolean in /home/onlineme/public_html/inc/utils.inc.php:1332 Stack trace: #0 /home/onlineme/public_html/template/scripts/BxBaseCategory.php(72): bx_get_page_info() #1 /home/onlineme/public_html/template/scripts/BxBaseServiceCategory.php(44): BxBaseCategory->getCategoriesList(true) #2 /home/onlineme/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolRequest.php(129): BxBaseServiceCategory->serviceCategoriesList('bx_groups_cats', Array) #3 /home/onlineme/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolRequest.php(57): BxDolRequest::_perform(Array, 'BxTemplServiceC...', 'serviceCategori...', Array, false) #4 /home/onlineme/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolService.php(52): BxDolRequest::processAsService(Array, 'serviceCategori...', Array, 'TemplServiceCat...') #5 /home/onlineme/public_html/inc/classes/BxDolService.php(82): BxDolService::call('system', 'categories_list', Array, 'TemplServiceCat...', false) #6 /home/onlineme/public_html/template/scripts/BxBasePage.php(840): BxDolService::callSerialized('a:4:{s in /home/onlineme/public_html/inc/utils.inc.php on line 1332

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               Creating a menu in Restaurant and adding a lot of images by cut and past. When I publish the page and view it several images disappear (image placeholder is still there). I go back to edit and replace the pictures and after published others disappear. Is there some limit on the number of images? Or is there a problem with pasting images as content?

              Content being posted by admin account in v13 b

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                • Hello @James Prince !

                  Try to repeat the same posting but with the reducing the number on images on 1 and check result. Possible it might be the lack of server's resources too.

                  • There are 63 images on one page so far. I tried to replace one image and submitted form out of 16 missing. When the page was checked more were missing total of 60. Refreshed the page and ony 15 were missing. Each time the page is refreshed random number of images are missing. I click on the small image icon in upper left of image and click on reload and the image reloads. Each image is 1megabyte so that is about 63 mb image total. I looked at the resource data and the server is just idling during load. Could it be a cache problem?

                    • The lack of memory_limit and max_execution_time is more suspicious. But you may clear all caches in your Dashboard and cache of your browser.

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                      Working with creating additional fields and one option is nested forms and would like to know what they are exactly and how to create them. When creating them a selection field ask for nested form which is empty.

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                        In Posts and Discussions

                        1. Can not sort categories in the new add categories field but works on the old standard category field
                        2. Can not add categories to the new add categories field even though my personal membership has permissions (anyone)
                        3. There are two places for categories. One at the bottom of Forms menu and another in data items-post-post categories. The first mentioned does not have the sort options and shows up in the new add add category section of form and second is sort-able and show up in the original category field

                        Is there a way to fix this since developer does not show categories and labels for edit?

                        This happens when i use the add content-post block on home page but add own category works if I use the toolbar member add content-post or discussions

                        1. Add own category work in v13 b by both methods
                        2. Adding categories in studio works the same a V12 on item 3 above
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