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Numbers and street names are revealed, bad idea for Persons (and maybe some Organisations) profiles for security reason. Any way to hide that?


Could you please create 'Languages' in the launcher and move Polyglot under 'Languages'. That would be most welcoming for translators role.

So far, I'm liking new features and cool changes.

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    Last added channels in late 2019. Now, impossible to add a channel? What the actual f@%^? Why does it have to be complicated? Come on, dudes... it should be freaking simple and be part of the "Add" section such as create new post, create new discussion, create new photo, create new channel.

    So, how the f@%^ do we add channel?

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      • 1) Already installed way back in 2018.

        2) Already chose default author in 2018.

        3)  Since when did that changed? Because I haven't added new channels since late 2019. I like the old way. See for yourself, still exists but nowhere in sight to "Add and Submit"?


        PS) That's because I tried to figure out how to add for two bloody days. NOT COOL. There should be screenshots, animated GIF or video of how-to in the Market "Channels". Don't like the new way, still prefer the old way.

        • I'm receiving this warning: 'DEFAULT AUTHOR FOR AUTOMATICALLY CREATED CHANNELS' IS EMPTY. YOU NEED TO SELECT SOME PROFILE IN THIS SETTING.' When I attempt to SELECT a PROFILE, NO OPTIONS appear. Where do I activate those options?

          • It looks like you didn't create any profile for your admin account(s).

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            Assuming 'Toggle Off' some or all Email Notifications.


            This is the result of hidden? Bloody hell! Dude, how to properly set Email Notifications toggle off by default and allow others to tailor their preferences?


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              Tried and failed.

              on_copyright_click(window, {fog:{color:'#000',opacity:0.7}})

              What's the correct code?

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                • Example to change default fog white to custom fog black...

                  bx_menu_popup('sys_switch_language_popup', window, {fog:{color:'#000',opacity:0.7}});

                  bx_menu_popup('sys_switch_template', window, {fog:{color:'#000',opacity:0.7}});

                  Those popups have same effect. Please, make it so in Copyright.

                  Have tried in Custom Styles...

                  .bx-popup.fog {
                  background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, .7);

                  Still doesn't work.

                  • For copyright, you can use the following code:

                            message: _t('_copyright', (new Date()).getFullYear()),
                            fog: {color:'#000', opacity:0.7}

                    Instead of on_copyright_click function.

                    But it looks like we need to change fog by default for build-in dark mix:

                    • Thank you!

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                      div.bx-badge {
                      color: #0E0E0E;

                      div.bx-badge:not(.bx-badge-compact-to) .sys-icon {
                      color: #0E0E0E;

                      image_transcoder.php?o=bx_froala_image&h=3263&dpx=1&t=1585918930 These (font and icon) doesn't change to dark colour. 😕

                      Please add "Font Color" in Badges Edit. Say, we add another badge in dark background and light font and vice versa.

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