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I’m going to need to hire a developer to help me iron out the bugs In una and help me with all the stuff I don’t understand so I was wondering what kind of code is it in? So I can seek that kind of developer


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    Since I am now deep in the forms module I figured I would find this area, but I have been through all of it I think and can't find it. I really thought it would be in forms - fields - ads - add ad, but it is not here. this is the page I am seeking to modify, it is originally in the add an ad post section

    the publishing time thing is a cool option but doesnt work anywhere on my site so I want to remove it, 

    and the location doesnt work so I need to just turn that into a text box they can type into, and I want to add some text to "header image" to explain what that is




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      • Hello Mergedia !

        Every of form form this page [your UNA site URL]studio/builder_forms.php?page=displays&module=bx_ads&object=bx_ads where you may see the ":Add" word like With Price: Add

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        I am working now in the "forms" module and I wondered if there is a way to make sub categories under the main categories, for helpful organization.

        For instance, in FORMS - data items- posts - post categories

        Can I make a main category like "Community" (non check-able) and then under that, have the checklist of check-able boxes like "Dating" "Seeking Friends" "Community Service" "Volunteers"

        Things like that? It would really help if possible.

        Thanks! :-)

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          I would like to remove "fraud" as it's redunant (there is already "SCAM") and remove "Nude" from the "report" menu (I don't care about nudity) and replace nudity with "harmful" or "violates terms" on the "report ad" button

          however, I have gone to where I think I should which is Navigation - ads - view actions

          and while I can see the "REPORT" button, I can only toggle it on and off, I can't change its submenu items.

          How can I get to that area to delete some of its items or re-name them? Thanks!


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            I found "favorite" and "feature" buttons in various places, my profile, a friend's profile, and the ad posts. But what do they do? I don't see anything happen when I click them.

            ALSO: what is the difference between the two and their functions?


            Feature "star" on my own profile page : not sure what it does or how to get rid of it


            Feature and favorite buttons on friend's profile. what do they do and what is the difference between the two?


            feature and favorite on Ad post - what do they do and what is the difference between the buttons?


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              • Favourite is available for all users, it enables them to curate lists of Favourite Persons, Posts etc.

                Feature is by default Admin only - featuring a Person, Post or whatever will push that content to be included in Featured Persons or Featured Posts blocks (assuming that those blocks are enabled on your site).

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