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I need help to investigate why some searches produce the title of a discussion but gives a blank content as the result.

I included four images. These show that what the search finds and then how the find is blank content.

This happened recently and may be related to the last UNA update.

I would provide access by private message if requested.

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    • I also have this issue with some old discussion topics. Is there a way to refresh or reindex them maybe?

      • UPDATE: the found forum posts really have the empty text part. possible it is the result of not-fully or incomplete from the migration of another old forum.

        • Thanks to LeonidS for checking several backups/databases for the missing content. As it turned out, they could not be found.

          I will have to live without them.

          I would advise anyone in the same predicament, in fact anyone running a site which has valuable content, to be sure to backup the entire site with the database before any update or any other change done on the admin end.

          Sometimes a backup done wirelessly may be flawed due to skips in data transmission for one reason or the other. If possible, backup from the router using an ethernet cable. It is faster and is more reliable.

          Updates may rewrite files or cause them to simply disappear. Hence laziness where one feels that one can take a chance and not do a backup, could result in a man crying like a baby.

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          Added a discussion

          what is the method for increasing the number of characters in a reply to a discussion

          I looked but could not figure where to increase it from 5000 characters of data length

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            • Jeremy,

              That is Super!

              Classic method - Should be noted for the record.


              • This is what solved the problem of limited text input for comments in discussions.

                Studio > Developer > Forms > Drop Down to System > In System Name column, you will see Comment. Click on 2 displays link under Displays column for Comment. You will see Comment Post Form > Then in Fields Column, click on 7 Fields. You will then see System Name column...scroll down to Text and click the Pencil icon to edit the field.

                 Change Check for from Data Length to Data Availability. It will by pass checking character count and only checks to make sure that at least 1 character was entered and cannot be blank. It will no longer check to make sure you are not over 5000 characters.

                See attached images. Set everything as marked in the images.

                Once you access the Edit "Test" Field dialog box make sure everything is set as per the images attached.

                • You're welcome. Glad I could help.

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                  I got this error message when trying to signin using google:

                  400. That’s an error.

                  Error: redirect_uri_mismatch

                  The redirect URI in the request, https://inselfyoga.com/m/googlecon/handle, does not match the ones authorized for the OAuth client. To update the authorized redirect URIs, visit: https://console.developers.google.com/apis/credentials/oauthclient/1086069395773-85834158fo92ub2h82chagqn8aut1o1u.apps.googleusercontent.com?project=1086069395773

                  Does anyone have a link to a post or tutorial of what to do after getting the secret and key and installing that on the Google Connect page in Studio.

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                      • LeonidS, I did set that up but there is something missing somehow. One thing is that the terminology used by Google is confusing such that a novice does not know if everything is being done. I did add the js google platform library to studio>protean>injections>head tag.
                      • What about facebook and also linkedIn/ I imagine it is similar but if it is different then that is another challenge.
                      • For Google Connect you don't need to perform any other actions except those which are set in Configuration Info of this app.

                        • Here was the solution. It is basically what LeonidS wrote:

                          On the

                          Client ID for Web application page at Google API’s

                          Be sure to put the

                          Authorized redirect URIs for use with requests from a web server

                          What is the authorized redirect URL?

                          Find it in UNA studio here:

                          studio>google connect>configuration

                          in bold font

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                          Where is the Comment to Discussion page. I need to have the cover show on that page. I looked everywhere but cannot find it. That would be a page where if someone gets a notice about a reply (comment) to a discussion, the link leads to a page with the comment only.

                          I did search studio>pages> but could not find that page.

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                            Added a discussion

                            Someone to whom I recommended UNA, is trying it out but ran into a snag after it was installed using Softaculous.

                            The set membership button does not show on profile pages.

                            The admin of the site appears as a standard member only and cannot do certain things because of that. After signing in using the admin credentials, the admin is like a standard member.

                            Is there some information on how to change the admin member from standard to administrator?

                            I did a search but could not find a listing which discussed this.

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                              • Hello r00nster !

                                Thnx for your checks too. The "create profile" action makes the same action as my SQL commands shown above. But in Michael Beloved the admin's profile was completed, the deal was just in missing records for `sys_acl_levels_members`.

                                About friends content - yes, the content with this level of visibility will not be shown in public blocks.  

                                • Thanks for the replies. This still doesn’t sound right. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough outing the problem. 

                                  if iI configure my profile as follows 

                                  Visibile to = Friends (or Relationships)

                                  Who can post to my profile = Public

                                  Then create a new post (to Posts, Timeline etc..)  and in the post set Visibility = Public

                                  My post doesn’t appear in Home screen content even though it is marked as Public. but does show in  Dashboard content. Also when a Friend/Relation tries to view my profile they get Access Denied - This content is Private.

                                  If my profile is set as follows

                                  Visibile to = Public

                                  Who can post to my profile = Public


                                  Then Posts with Visibility = Public show up in both Home and Dashboard content and members can view my profile (But so can anyone)

                                  • It is interesting situation with Friends and private content. Please provide me your UNA studio access via Messenger, I'll review it.

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