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Really, not having cash payment module for membership subscription is a huge limitation. internet users should be able to make cash transfer, while admin confirm their membership upgrade manually upon payment confirmation. I wish i can have this done for me to solve the payment problem I'm encountering.

i have spent money building two payment gateway only for the payment gateway to denied my project access to their gateway

I wish i can have a payment gateway that will allow cash transfer for membership.

if i can see anyone in the community that will. I will be grateful.

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There is a serious challenge right now. @AQB Soft @Anton L @Igor Lebedev @LeonidS @Alexander

i referred a user (Ibraheem T Adeyinka) who register as my referral (see Screenshot https://us-east-1.linodeobjects.com/una/bx_forum_photos/q/qz/qzp/qzpameqkwvshl5jaknqezj6rvypyagzq.png ) , he upgraded is membership level to a paid plan with UNA credits on the platform (dbillionaires.com) (see Screenshot https://us-east-1.linodeobjects.com/una/bx_forum_photos/v/vg/vga/vgangruv34zhrufsxujmhwxgcwdaj6ya.png ). the affiliate system does not pay me commissions for the referral (see Screenshot https://us-east-1.linodeobjects.com/una/bx_forum_photos/3/3i/3ip/3ip5uyznakgdtxjyd58guhjy3kvjivth.png). please can someone help me out in getting this project resolved. maybe I'm not getting the config right

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    Still testing my project but i noticed users are being limited from withdrawing all there money.

    @Anton L @AQB Soft @Igor Lebedev @LeonidS please see the screenshot to see what I mean, maybe I'm not getting the configuration right. users cant withdraw all their money. for example, this screenshot shows that the user can only withdraw 10% of his money. where do i adjust the setting so that users can withdraw all their money.


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      Hello, please my Protean (default) text is dark. each time i created content that is text, i have to manually change the text to white before it can be visible. please how can I adjust the default text color so that it display white instead of black as seen in the image below. thanksimage_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=477&dpx=1&t=1655994759

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        'm having serious challenge now.. UserA has 1110credit in his account, he then subscribe for a $350 membership plan (1credit=$1).


        1. His credit did not reduced and account has not been upgraded to the new plan
        2. UserA cant use the Credit to pay for membership subscription.
        3. please help look into this

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