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Hi, can anyone explain how the oauth module work. We want to create a mobile app where end user will register and login and see there timeline and notifications. 

Do I need oauth module in studio? Can anyone guide in right direction. 

Alex T⚜️ LeonidS 

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    Hi UNA, 

    We need information on API module provided by una in app market.

    As per my understanding API module will have the endpoints of una module/features.

    this is my understanding of flow: mobile app > api endpoints > service calls > php script > database (please correct me here)

    As of now API module is showing blank. we need one example on how to add endpoints into the API module.


    Also, regarding custom endpoints should we create new API module and add custom endpoints there ..or should we use API module provided by una.

    Alex T⚜️ Andrew Boon 


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      • I want to know more on new custom api endpoints. what will be the right way to create it ..

        and how will the flow. from end user to una database .. will api endpoints will be using service calls the way website front end are using..

        • LeonidS Alex T⚜️  Will you please share more information on this. we need to know the right way to create api for custom module.

          • To add custom API endpoint to UNA, please create an empty module first, I think it's better to rename modules/boonex/api module to your own and delete or replace existing endpoints with yours. 

            To add custom endpoint - add service function, for example to add endpoint which get time you can add something like this:

            public function serviceClock() 
                return ['time' => date('H:i:s')];

            Then declare if you want to use this endpoint with authentication or not, for public endpoint add name of the endpoint to serviceGetPublicServices method:

            public function serviceGetPublicServices()
                $a = parent::serviceGetPublicServices();
                return array_merge($a, array ('Clock' => ''));

            for protected endpoint add it the same way but to serviceGetSafeServices method.

            After above you will be able to call your custom endpoint with the following URL:


            You will get response in JSON format

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            Hi Una,

            Is it possible to have multiple una website using same una database.

            the goal is to sync few module across multiple una website like username and password, points module, credit module.

            and keep some modules like market on one website , class and task on another website. 

            Let me know if it can be possible or any alternate ways to achieve this.


            travis k

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              • LeonidS hi i added this module and now it saying "login with una". how to change name to our website name like " login with " so user will know that there is new login option with xyz website credential. 

                if we can have option in module which can auto sync the credentials across website than it will be easier. 


                also, is there any option to sync module like point module to multiple una website. or option to see points earn on another una website. 

                • so, instead of una connect can we have una account module. the way google uses.

                  i was wondering if we can host one una script (maybe a free version) just for accounts module which will be called/used by another una scripts. 

                  this way we can have centralize account system.

                  can any developer comment on this.

                  UNA MSolutions AQB Soft 

                  • About the proper text on the login button: just change the value of lang key _bx_unacon_auth_title in the Studio->Polyglot area.

                    About your second question - yes, it would be better to have a special module for it.

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                    Hi UNA,

                    I am not able to download any module from app store. i am able to see the download button for una module and the modules which i have purchased but when i am downloading it giving error "wrong incoming data"

                    I have reinstalled the una site and added the key. but still i am getting this issue. 

                    Let me know how to resolve this issue

                    LeonidS please have a look once you get time.


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                      Hi guys,

                      is there any wallet module where user can add money and use that money to transfer to other user by using qr code or phone number, pay for product in market, or request for withdrawal. 

                      and if possible we can connect that wallet module with other una website..?

                      can anyone create or upgrade the current credit module with this features.

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                        • Nice global plans) You nee to be more and more secure for that. Half of your asks already exit but in differen modules. 

                          • More and more apps and pages have appeared recently where users stream e.g. can make money yourself. Twitch Instagram, Youtube or OnlyFans did it before. More and more sites are jumping on this system lately, and it's booming.

                            I think it's great that AQB Soft  has already developed a points system, where there is the possibility to exchange the points for cash again.

                            But collecting points alone can quickly become boring, especially if you can only give points to others, what is simply missing here in my opinion is a gift shop where users spend their points to give gifts to others. If e.g. User A gives user B a gift for 20 points, then the member who received the gift should be credited with perhaps 20% points. What is really missing is a broadcasting chat system with which users can go live - unfortunately this is still missing - but would make pages totally lucrative at the moment and especially on Corona.

                            But what I'm really getting at is the following: From my experience as a long-time streamer, I can only recommend building ONE system - POINTS or CREDITS and making them compatible with all modules.

                            2 currencies is often too complicated and confusing.

                            And users who like your system and can also earn money do without a mobile app ^^ Of course, a mobile app is convenient and it is something personal when you download it from the market. But market research has proven that mobile apps will not even be the future, but desktop apps - it has also shown that e-purchases are made via websites rather than apps.

                            Sry, now has nothing 100% to do with your contribution but wanted to mention that because I've been thinking about it for a long time and I am missing exactly these options myself

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