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I'd like to show a users city, state, and country on a profile, without showing their complete street address. Publishing the complete street address seems like a really bad idea for privacy reasons, yet I'd like to include some of that information to allow users to find nearby people. 

So the question is... is there a way to show he city, state, country.... without revealing the entire address on profiles. Right now, it seems it's all or nothing.

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    No, I'm not talking about my personal relationships. I mean the ones in UNA... For example, I create a relationship from my brother's account to mine... shouldn't it automatically form a relationship from my account to my brothers once it's confirmed? And if I mark someone as my mother, shouldn't it automatically mark me as her son? Any idea how to set it up so that both people don't have to initiate a relationship request? And then separately confirm the relationship?

    On the big network, that shall not be named, if you send a relationship request to your cousin and she confirms it, the system automatically knows she's your cousin too!

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      On our FAQ page, I tried using anchor text to help people quickly navigate to the question they choose. But when I save the page UNA removes the Anchor IDs. So, it doesn't seem possible to link to a specific place in the post with HTML. Any suggestions for how to wrangle this editor into compliance would be appreciated.

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        We resolved this a while back, but I figured I'd post the solution for everyone else's benefit. When the button to upgrade appeared, site wouldn't update to UNA 12. 

        Suggested fix was to switch to php5.6 and to use cron job.

        /opt/alt/php56/usr/bin/php -q /home/path_to_site/periodic/cron.php  

        It's important to note that while this might work for UNA hosted sites, for TMD hosted sites, the php path is different.

        Correct path and cronjob for TMD hosted sites (dedicated server, at least) is

        /usr/local/bin/ea-php56 -q /home/path_to_site/periodic/cron.php

        Also, after upgrading, you need to switch the PHP version back.

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          • Hello Wesley Upchurch !

            Thank you for sharing your experience! It would be interesting to know some things:

            1) what is the current version of PHP now?

            2) do you have any records in your server's error log during the moments of Cron Jobs with upgrade running? It's better to find what error didn't allow to complete the process?

            • I didn't check the error logs, as I was able to get it to upgrade, even if I had to do a workaround. But, since you asked, I will say I am running PHP 7.2.

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              Once the user uploads the profile or cover picture, from the upload form, they are asked to crop it. That's all fine, but it seems a lot of people get lost at the next step. So many users don't realize they then have to submit the picture by scrolling to the bottom of their profile page. This seems like an unnecessary extra step. 

              On major sites, there is no such extra step. And I think a lot of users aren't accustomed to having to confirm the upload again. This is resulting in quite a few profiles that aren't completed with a cover and profile picture. If you can suggest a fix, it would be appreciated.

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