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Hi all UNA people:)

Its poll about small and (IMHO) handy option in JOT messenger conversations : MARK ALL AS READ.

Now we have to scroll down ALL messages in ALL conversations  in aim to reset JOT's counter.

After this short conversation with AlexT, and because of his courtesy suggestion, I call all of you, UNA people, to vote here!

For your convenience - it's anonymous. But feel free to add your disclosed comment:))

Be kind, vote, please :)

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    • Hey Vavilon, nice illustration! Yes, it's a very good idea, you check and everything is reset, a reset button, anything but something. In another post, I was just wondering if there was automatic pruning for discussion / conversation. The answer is no, because it may concern several people, which I understand very well in his answer Alex thought "space" but I also thought about the notifications.In your example, it's 233, it could just as well be 2000, 5000 or 10.000, just now on my site dolphin I still had the case of a member whose registration date was 2011 and who suddenly wakes up, I have cases like that every day.I know you're going to tell me, delete inactive accounts. No, I refuse to delete old accounts because I consider that an account is never dead IF his email address responds, so I only delete the notifications bounce and every day that passes me, in every case is my phylosophy.I also do not show the dates of last connection and so people receive mail all the time, that's also why one day or another, so they come back on.On dolphin it does not pose any problems it is cleaned and the guy does not end up with 50,000 notifications, yes, over 7 years is plausible, even see worse for a woman.

      • However, on Dolphin I also have this module: https://www.boonex.com/m/replies-reminderIt works a little like Una, and nothing was planned to empty notifications, the only solution was to follow each link one by one. I received many requests and then someone opened a topic on this topic, look at the attached screenshot. I translate to you: "Hey Mr. admin, how do I do when I have not come for some time and I find myself with 120 unread comments? There is no way to mark all read at once?"You see, 120 notifications are already problematic ... So what do I say to my guy who has 5000? Sorry, the only solution is to delete your account and create a new one? No, I can not say that of course ...For my problem on dolphin, I wrote to Anton, suggesting an automatic cleaning for notifications older than x days (configurable) He understood the problem since in return for my email I had the requested change .You know what, by default it was 15 days, I automatically reduced to 10, it was still too much, I went to 7 days. Now it's good, but it's true that a reset button was more efficient, I did not think about it.Excuse my intervention a bit long, I just wanted to explain that in the concrete it will not be possible ....

        • It's ok, Baloo, thanx for your vote^)

          Of course, you welcome to intervate :) I see the automatic reset based on preset term a bit problematic, let say that in your example (7 day) somebody wisiting site once per month have no any possibility to see notifications :) But for sure - better automatic than nothing, and better manual than automatic:))

        • Hello!

          We are working on this part and new changes will be available in the nearest version. Instead of number of unread messages there is will be number of updated talks with any number of unread messages in menu. At present number of unread messages members can see in bubbles near each Talk in the talks list in the left side block.

          Also in new version when member opens a Talk with unread messages, he will be redirected to the first unread message's position and then will be able to scroll down and all unread messages will be marked as read.

          • Yes Baloo, you have guessed corrrectly, JOT Messenger will indeed be serving coffee (and other things!) in RC8 ??

            • It's not good idea to make 1 notification to 1 channel. Counter is live to count. That's his meaning of life. Why to change reasonable approach? Why to invent the way "how to not reset counter", and to make him count in different way for this????

              • You have to see in practice but I noticed when when people use messenger, they do not make a long text and then "enter" they do enter at the end of each sentence. Does it need to be warned of the number of times someone has made "enter"? Is it not wiser to say right, is there something new in this discussion?I think it's not a bad idea, but I repeat, I'm waiting to see (impatiently), maybe afterwards I'll tell you that you were right after that.It's quite possible, because as I said over a long period of absence, messenger + general notifications that can do a lot in total.But I believe that the dice are thrown for rc7 if it is published next week, a given moment it must be put into practice, it is normal, not to discuss in a vacuum, so let's see and then discuss after if there has things to improve.

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