Reviews to Artificer
    • This is cool ;)

      • i miss here the online symboles ^^

        • her is missing a CSS piece for Timeline pics :

          .lg\:mb-4 {

            margin-bottom: 1rem;

            margin-left: -1rem !important;


          • who dont likes the Background:Hover in this theme, can insert this in the Custom HTML Editor

            .dark\:hover\:text-gray-100:hover, .hover\:text-gray-200:hover, .hover\:text-gray-300:hover, .hover\:text-gray-400:hover,

            .hover\:text-gray-500:hover, .hover\:text-gray-600:hover, .hover\:text-gray-700:hover, .hover\:text-gray-800:hover, .hover\:text-gray-900:hover {

            background-color: transparent !important;


            • The template has follow problem on mobile

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