Reviews to Banners
    • Hello everybody!

      Version 2.0.0 was relesed. Changes log:

      1. Updated Blocks manager in Studio -> Banners.
      2. Preview in banner creation form.
      3. Text based banner is completely clickable.
      4. Banner purchased email notification for the buyer.
      5. Auto approve mode. When disabled, administrators (moderators) should approve each banner before it will be public. All administrators (moderators) will receive notification about new banner which should be approved.
      6. Banner creation form -> Duration tittle depends on the banner Pricing type.
      7. Bug fixes.
      • Hello everybody!

        Version 4.0.0 was released. Now the app can be used under UNA 10. Also this version allows Moderators and Administrators (controlled with default ACL engine) to create Embed based banners. So, JavaScript, etc ads can be created using the app.

        • good job ?

          • Hello AQBSoft,

            Is it possible to have percentages as image dimension units? If this is possible it will ease to lay the banners in different locations of the pages and eliminate the problems with different screen sizes.

            AQB Soft 

          • Hello @AQB Soft

            Could you please explain in detail how this feature works, step by step guide to create rotating banners and how the rotation occurs, timings etc.? :

            "Dynamic banners rotator for areas with a number of active banners at the same time."

            • And one more question if the user goes to another page and return to the previous page, does the banner cycle restart from the beginning again?

              Or it will continue to the order?

              Of course best scenario is having an option to show banners on random order.

              • There is no 'order' of banners You can define per command yourself and Banners are shown random

                I dont know the algos of banner mod by AQB, but in my experiences (testing) it looks like that all banners / per block (!) are handled equal, no matter of:

                • the amount of banners per bannerblock
                • the booking, so far the amount of days, clicks or impressions
                • it is just random

                As I wrote in my post, this MOD is very very usefull as a starting point for banners ++, and works like a charm, as it is. But we have many wishes to the devs. Haven't we?

                As I have extragood experiences with @AQB Soft and their modules, I suggest, that the actual Banner mod is a nice statement from AQB. A nice 'starting' point to show us, what this Banner Mod could be..... I agree, dev needs money!

                So it is on us to tell our needs and pay for a PRO Version. For all that we need.

                I'm on board if we want to discuss this. I'm on board to pay for a strenght development of this mod.

                I'm very happy to have You here @Cem , Lets go these steps together ...

                • As a regular customer of aqbsoft I am also here to support them.

                  After using the banners more effectively I may have some feedback and requests too.

                  Actually for instance clicking to banners are not integrated to points system yet, we needed to customize it for this important function.

                  And there may be others in time.

                  Pro version why not 😊

                • @AQB Soft --> Is there any possibility to set a MINIMUM VALUE by DEFAULT when people buy BANNERS per IMPRESSIONS?

                  I would like very much to avoid, that users play around with the Banner system. The administration costs for the banner sales would be much higher than the income of this banner, if users BUY only a small amount - lets say less than 5000 - of impressions for their Banners.

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