• It's really a very good idea, that's the solution to the problem I've had from the beginning with UNA. Thank you !

      • Works great!

        • Every community needs this. Amazing thanks MSolutions 

        • Important bug for this module. refers to the profile form from any form where a mandatory field is not completed. Fast fix please

        • Hello,I have suggestion for this module.i tried to create new account (for testing the module) and after I created new account the module prevented me to do anything on the site before the Profile Creation - that is the purpose of this module but from the new member point of view it is a bit annoying not to be able to browse the site even without Profile.

          My suggestion is to change the module so that new member can browse the site but instead of locking new member to his create profile page it would be more convenient to remind new member (Account) without Profile with some popup window with message like: please create your prifile or your Account will not be able to interact with other members or it will be suspended/deleted etc.

          When I created test Account and then being locked to create profile page, my thoughts was in a minute or two: wtf, I am leaving this site rigt now. I have registered and now I can't see the stuff on the site.....

          I guess more "soft" approach to new members would be more effective.

          Best regardsMayki

          • Is there anyway to add a force email confirmation option? The process would be

            1. person signs up to site

            2. person is forced to confirm email

            3. after confirming email, person is forced to create their profile

            Each step must happen in that sequence and the person is locked on that page until they follow the step.

            • When somebody deletes their profile, every page shows "page not found". Even when people go to groups, posts, everything. This app should force redirect to the profile creation page if they delete their profile. Then they will need to create a new profile to keep using the site. I had to delete this app for now because I deleted my own profile and it confused me with page not found.

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