Reviews to Usernames
    • Does the pretty links plugin exist? or are you working on it. I was reading the help section of this mod. So either a teaser or not in the works for Una, Other than that it works according to plan. Price is a little hefty, but hope at that price there will be regular updates and fixes. 

    • This module just crashed my site. 

    • This developer appears to no longer be active and supporting these apps.

    • Nice module, instructions a bit confusing, but over all very useful mod, thanks. Just one little suggestion, can submit button be placed at the bottom of "edit profile page," a bit confusing. I tried all templates and the submit button was at the same location. Perhaps this should be brought up with UNA?

      • That's the module that caused speed trouble. It takes almost 9 seconds to resolve the module requests and rendering.

        • That's the sum of all the timers from below, this module does not make the site slower. That table is misleading because it displays on top the first method that calls the full page. To know what is causing the slowning down you need to disable it and reload the same page to find the right method that causes that. In some versions video, audio and image transcoding is causing the slowing down. The latest version the team improved this, if you have latest version then it might be another module who is transcoding images on the fly and not using the built in methods, if that's the case  maybe the timer of such methods are not being registered by the profiler app.

          Also we did refund the money to your paypal account for this and the other 4 modules because you stated you were quitting, so please uninstall and delete all our 5 modules from your website or buy another license of the ones you need in case you are planning on keep using them.

          Thank you.


          • We have extensively tested site speed, and taken a long hard look at UserNames, I can safely say that UserNames does not slow down your Site. The biggest bottle necks come from other places. 

            Usernames is a fairly good module, it does need to be polished as it is lacking in a number of areas and the developer is not willing to improve, but the module works well and does what it is designed to do. Even with the feature failings in the module I would recommend purchasing Usernames and supporting this developer as it functionally does what it is designed to do.

            Speeding up your site:

            If you have any code in >Studio >Designer > injections take it out, your site will be so much faster.


            Analytics and Advertising code can really impact on your sites performance, removing that code from the header and body will make your site fly.

            • When registering a user with the name Arnold, an address with an apostrophe is issued, which leads to an error in creating a profile (Name on russian - Арнольд Фистин, system make translit anf use ' ). Arnold'Firstin. When the autogenerate short name option is enabled.

              • Thank you for your report, we will add a new option so you can choose between keeping Cyrillic or use Transliteration. Also the bug that adds (') into the username will be fixed. 

                We will release a new update in a few days.


              • While this module did work in the past, it is not compatible with the upcoming una 13 release.

                This module needs to be updated to account for this improvement from the UNA team -


                • @MSolutions Any update? Release is getting closer...

                  • Still not updated - not functional with Una 13.

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