Reviews to Verified Members
    • I really need this mod. Thank you for this. I'm having a couple of concerns-

      1). The reason block when rejecting a verification request doesn't pop up. See image attached. image_transcoder.php?o=sys_images_editor&h=270&dpx=2&t=1650152450

      2). Also - is there a way to extrapolate the application request details into a database file?

      3). I'd like to be able to crosscheck the verification code with the user's photo- where does admin access their verification code?

      Thank yoU!

    • Thx Modzzz, works like a charm. I know this module from my older dolphin testing site and it's a must for some kind of sites, where site owner has to restrict some actions to 'verified' persons/orgs only.

      • May be one suggestion: Include both the verified and unverified images from sratch, it took me a while to understand, that I have to upload them by myself.

        People should know, that the 'blocks' on profile pages are set visible only, when they have some content/images.

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