Spaces Info
Product Overview


The idea of Spaces is very simple - this module enables you to 'nest' groups (in this case Spaces) one inside another. With multiple 'Child Spaces' able to be created within each 'Parent Space'. It is possible to have multiple 'Parent Spaces' , each with their own set of 'Child Spaces.'There is no designation beyond this but the scope is enormous.

Ultimately Spaces is a system of architecture that enables you to clearly and simply establish clear arrangement and taxonomy within your UNA site.

Within each Child Space you are able to create the full range of normal posts, design pages and manage content as you would in other normal UNA Group.

Each Space has it's own set of permissions and members, enabling you and your users to control their membership at each level. 

  • List of joined members
  • Join confirmation
  • Invitations
  • Group messaging
  • Event's location
  • Special privacies, such as closed and secret spaces

Spaces module will enable you within your website to create various Communities, and within those Communities, you can create 'Sub-Communities', within those Sub-Communities members can post the full range of normal posts.

For example, if you were making a site on International Soccer/Football you could make a Parent Spaces of Countries, the child spaces could be the Football teams. So if a member followed the country - they would automatically join all of the teams in that country, or they could choose to just follow the individual teams