This module provides a section on your site for the collection of life experiences, personal stories, and the people who have had them. Members can Share and Connect through their life experiences, or explore new experiences.

Questions And Answers - Members can ask Questions relevant to an experience and other members can provide Answers.

Tips Or Advice - Members can offer Tips and Advice on how to effectively deal with or handle a particular experience.

Stories - Members can post Personal Stories related to an Experience.

Similar Experiences - Community members can check-in as having a similar experience.

Broadcast - Ability to broadcast to all members who had similar experience


  • Browse by Latest, Popular, Featured or Favorite 


  • Members with Similar Experience Block - This block shows all members who are supporting
  • Stories Block - This block shows all stories posted for an experience
  • Tip/Advice Block - This block shows all tips/advice given for an experience
  • Feedback Block - Members can post feedback for an experience
  • Location Block - Location of experience poster


DEMO: http://una.dolphinmods.com/page/view-experience?id=1


You can view my full list of mods at https://una.io/page/products-author?profile_id=200

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