Now here is a fantastic FAQ module to take your site to the next level.

You will have to work hard to bring traffic to your site and gain increased membership. You will want to keep those members. Once they start using your site, they will definitely have a lot of HOW TO questions. It is important that they get the "how-to" information quickly otherwise they get annoyed and leave.

This allows you to provide readily available answers to common questions your members might have.

Module-Specific FAQ - When posting a FAQ entry, it is possible to link it to a particular module. A FAQ menu link is automatically inserted into the main menu of any module that has one or more associated FAQ entries.

Related FAQ - FAQ view page has a Related block that shows other FAQ for the same module or category.

In addition to Category browsing, it is possible to browse all FAQ related to a particular module.

=>>>>>>>>>>>>>> BEGIN - NEW FEATURE ADDED

Sticky Feature added so you can make certain FAQs Sticky. These FAQs will always show at the top of the listings.

=>>>>>>>>>>>>>> END- NEW FEATURE ADDED


  • Featured and Latest FAQ blocks
  • Categories list and Modules list blocks


  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Ability to post Reaction and flagging FAQ as helpful
  • Ability to post Comments so that Site Admin can see and give further feedback
  • Social Media Sharing


  • Search functionality allows searching by Keyword and Category.


  • Admin can set FAQ as Featured.
  • Admin and Moderators post/manage entries by default.

You can view my full list of modules at https://una.io/page/products-author?profile_id=200

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