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Our Members Anywhere App is now available for UNA. This App allows site Administrators to create custom profile blocks on the site based on specified criteria. Blocks are created by default on the homepage but can be copied in Studio to any desired page on the site.

The following is specified when creating custom blocks:

=> Block Caption 

=> Block Layout View (Showcase, Gallery, or Simple) 

=> Filter Criteria 

=> Sorting Option

Profile blocks can be based on a combination of the following criteria:

=> Gender 

=> Location (Country, City etc.)

=> Age

=> Membership Level

=> Featured Status

=> Members with Pics only

=> Online Members only 

=> Birthday Members 

Profile blocks can be sorted by:

=> Online

=> Featured Status

=> Date of Last Login

=> Date of Registration

The flexibility of this mod allows you to display almost any subset of members on any page on the site, see some random possible examples below :

1) All females living in New York

2) All male Gold Membership Members

3) Members with Photos that are online presently

4) Members with Birthday today

5) All retired members (age 65 and over)


You can view my full list of modules at


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