Paid Levels

By default levels can't be changed by the user, only admin/moderator can change member's level to set the default level. This module allows to sell member's levels as memberships, for example. 

You can set pricing for different periods (days, weeks, months, years) for particular level. It's possible to have different pricing options for one level. Additionally it's possible to set free trial period and free levels (to switch to them without payments).

This module requires Payments module to sell memberships.

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Reviews (2)
    • Dear UNA Team,

      I've got a problem with my Paid Levels module configuration. My setting is as follows: I have a hierarchy of member levels Standard - Supporting - Expert members. Since we are an association, standard members will subscribe by a yearly subscribtion fee and level up to Supporting members (pic 1). To let them become expert members we'll use the Points System of AQB Soft.

      Now to the problem: Only standard members should be able to subscribe and pay the yearly subscription fee, in order to level-up to supporting members. But it turned out that even expert members, on the higher member level can do so (pic 2), even when in the settings it's defined that only standard members are allowed to level up by subscription fee.

      Please give us a hint on what to do to solve that.

      Cheers, thomlin

      • Now I am getting a not compatible error when trying to install....

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