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This module gives the possibility to create a horizontal ticker strip at the Top or Bottom of all Site Pages that will display Scrolling content from the site. The module can be configured to pull content from any of the following sources :

-> UNA Posts Module 

-> Modzzz News Module

-> Modzzz Articles Module

Due to the fact that it is displayed on all pages visited on the site, there is the possibility to offer maximum exposure to content.

The displayed items can be based on featured, popular, top, updated, or latest entries 


  • A scrolling ticker will display the title of content which will be clickable to display the actual content.
  • You can configure ticker to display at top or bottom of site.
  • Administrator can choose at any time to switch which module the content is displayed from


Number of Items to display in scroll  

Select Module. The present available options are Articles, News or Posts

Configuration options available for ticker such as Position, text size, text color, and background color


You can view my full list of mods at

 ticker #modzzz

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