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Profile Message module allows members to post a message prominently at the top of their profile for various reasons. It can be used for purposes such as to make an announcement of an offer or to indicate that the member is away or unavailable.

On the Profile page, there is an action in the menu that allows members to setup a message and activate it. In addition to the message, a member can also state a reason for the message (eg, promotion, vacation, study leave etc.). The reasons are configurable by the Administrator.

The member is able to add message content, select a reason, along with entering a Start and End date. If End date is set, the message automatically expires after End date passes.

The functionality is controlled by membership level so you could optionally make this feature available only to certain members (eg. Paid Members).

Viewing permissions can be set so a message can be displayed to Everyone or Friends Only or Selected Relationships etc.

The Categories (Reason for Message) can be configured separately for Persons and Organizations.

This is suitable for both social and business oriented sites and is a perfect companion to our Auto Responder (coming soon) module.


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