This allows members to post interesting things they have spotted and allow the site members to comment on them. This is an exciting way to create a buzz on your site and engage your entire member base. 

Members post items informing of the Place, Location, and Occasion when it was Spotted. Other members who view a spotted item can tag it as also spotted by them. Items can be spotted online or at a physical location. A Spotted item can be a person, place, or thing.

Some examples of Spotted Items that members can share are :

  • A unique food dish they tried at a restaurant.
  • A historical site they visited while on vacation.
  • A unique mixed drink they tried at a pub.
  • Some interesting happening with a celebrity that makes good gossip.


-> Browse by Latest, Popular, Featured or Favorite 

-> Spotted Today - Browse items that have been Spotted on the present day 

-> Spotted Near Me - Browse items that have been Spotted near the viewer


-> Spotters Block -This block shows all members who have spotted the item being viewed

-> Reviews Block - Members can post reviews about a Spotted Item

-> Discussions - Members can engage in a discussion about a Spotted Item


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