Testimonials are a great way to show feedback from real individuals. Testimonials App lets visitors and members submit reviews with a 1 to 5 star rating. With this plugin, you can pin your best reviews or testimonials so that they show up first.

It’s also possible to moderate new review submissions, approving them before they go live on your site. This helps you protect against unfairly bad reviews. Alternatively, you can require users to be logged into your site in order to leave a review.

The homepage has a scrolling showcase view of all Testimonials. This block can be copied to other pages if needed.

 Review Details

-> If a review is provided by an individual, there is the option to enter Reviewer Name. If review is provided by an Organization, then Company Name and Website can be entered.

Reviewer Details

 -> The following details can be provided by the Reviewer: Position or Role, Location, Telephone, and Email 

Social Connection

-> By default, the reviewer can provide their social connection details for Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, Pinterest, and Instagram


-> If Testimonial is posted by a logged-in member then their Profile Photo will be used when displaying. If Testimonial is posted by a visitor, there will be the option to upload a photo.

Membership Level Control

->Membership level can be used to determine who has access to post testimonials.

BONUS FEATURE Video Testimonials

->The module can be configured to allow Video Testimonials instead of Text Testimonials.


Demo: https://una.dolphinmods.com


You can view my full list of modules at https://una.io/page/products-author?profile_id=200


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