This is a Travel and Lifestyle social networking tool designed for members to meet others and keep friends and family informed of their whereabouts and activities.

Those members who are not traveling can connect with persons coming to their town. These connections can be for social or business purposes. This is a good tool for facilitating networking.

Posting a Travel Listing

  • Member will provide details of the intended Travel including Location being traveled to, Contact details (optional), Starting and End Dates.
  • Member indicates whether or not they are willing to meet others.
  • Member sets criteria for others they would like to meet while Traveling.
  • Travel listing can be posted as a recurring listing (travel will take place periodically).

Travel Tips

  • Travelers can benefit from local members who can share their knowledge of the area in the form of Tips.
  • For example, if a member is traveling to a particular city, other persons familiar with the city can make suggestions such as; the best places to stay, the best places to eat etc.

Travel Itinerary

  • For a particular Travel schedule, a member may have several different activities planned. They can optionally list details of each activity they will be undertaking during the travel period.

Traveling Today

  • Members can quickly browse for others with Travel plans today.

Coming Near Me

  • Members can quickly browse for others who will be Traveling near to them in the recent future.

Meeting Criteria

Specify who they want to meet during their Trip. The filter can be done by :

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Language Spoken

Meeting Arrangement

  • Members who are interested in meeting the Traveler can send a Meet request.
  • The Traveler reviews each request that is sent and accept or reject the offer.
  • All the accepted meeting requests are displayed on the Travel listing page. However, members can choose to keep their requests private.

Local Members

  • For each Travel listing, it is possible to see members at the destination presently.
  • For each Travel listing, it is also possible to see members who are planning to travel to the destination.

Recurring Travels

  • Members can identify their travel schedule to be recurring. Parameters that can be configured are - the recurrence cycle (weekly, monthly, etc.) and the number of recurrences.

Sample Use Cases

-> Talent Scouts could use this tool to announce their plans to travel to a particular location to seek out new talent. Potential candidates could register to meet them upon their arrival.

-> Religious Leaders could use this tool to indicate their intention to visit a particular location during a specific period. Their followers could be kept up to date based on their Itinerary.

-> An Entertainer could use this tool to broadcast their tour schedule and set up an Itinerary indicating the various venues (and times) they will be performing.

-> This could also be used as a Dating tool where persons traveling on vacation etc. seek to meet others during their stay.

-> Many other scenarios are possible.


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    • Hi mozzz

      today bought travel and others.

      Im get red database problems but could not save it.

      so the travel is greyed in studio and nothing on the site.

      do you have solutions?



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