UNA Platform

The UNA Platform core package includes core apps, plugins, and server components. Download and install the latest package to launch your UNA-based community. Once installed, all future updates will apply directly via the UNA Studio configuration system.

The core platform is free to download and use without usage limits, is licensed under MIT license terms and is supported via a public community forum at UNA.IO. 

🔑 You control and own your website

⚙️ Open source, configurable codebase

📱 Fully responsive, mobile-friendly interface

🚀 Unlimited scalability potential

👘 Full customisation freedom

🛡 Secure by design

📃 MIT license

📦 Regularly updated

The UNA Core Apps give a huge package of capabilities to configure a Social Community site and are absolutely free.

🔑With the powerful Permissions Module, you can regulate what content users can view throughout the site, and what actions they can make.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 Groups is a powerful context module giving you the functionality of Facebook or WeMe, but where you retain the control :) - enabling you or your users to create and manage your own Groups, with independent timeline, posts, polls or discussions.

📝Turn your social community site into a publishing powerhouse with the Posts Module - a powerful module enabling you to edit and publish mix media and long form content like stories, blogs or reviews - bringing Wordpress capabilities into your social community.

📆 Events- create and manage your own events and schedules with this fully featured Events Module.

🎞Want to build your own Tumblr, YouTube or Instagram? Albums is the module to make it happen. This powerful media sharing app allows you to upload, share, manage and comment on photos and videos.

⏳ Timeline is the showcase module where all your site content is curated for your user. This high-powered app enables you to view, comment upon (and as an admin) remove or promote posts.

🛎 UNA is equipped with a powerful and configurable Notifications Module - where you can control on site alerts and off site notifications via email, and push notifications via UNA Native Apps.

#️⃣ Using the Channels Module within UNA you can create your own Twitter, Instagram or Tumblr scenario using hashtags created for users to contextualise, find and follow content.

These are only a few of the Apps that are available for free and forever with UNA Core. There are lots, lots more! You can review the full list here: https://una.io/page/features

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