Virtual Gifts

This is the perfect tool for monetization, users can make money while they have fun, they now have an incentive to stay in the website and create content or participate in chat 1 on 1 with others.

Add a new and fun way to interact with each others. Have fun sending virtual gifts!

It works with a single click, once you click on the virtual gift, it is sent and the other user gets the virtual gift and the credits.

Administrator can change the prices, add/remove/disable/edit the virtual gifts.

It includes 70 virtual gifts!

It works out of the box.

Each virtual gift has a different price.

Compatible with Persons, Organizations, Messenger, Groups, etc.

To withdraw the credits you use the credits module. The admin can disable credits withdrawal in case cashing out is not needed.

Important. Before installing it, make sure you have Payments module and Credits module installed and enabled.


  • Version 1.0.1
  • Fixed problem with UNA 12 and old credits vesion.

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    • Hello #MSolutions . I just purchased the Virtual Gifts module. It installed fine, but when you try to use it, it does nothing on the site. It seems to be all working in Studio. But on member side, I click the Gift link, and it never goes anywhere, when trying to send a gift to a member.

      • Thank you for your feedback.

        To send gifts you have to send them to another user, you cannot send virtual gifts to yourself. If you are in messenger chat 1 on 1, the person who started the chat will get the gifts, this is because sometimes people add more users to the conversation. We will add a select box so you can choose who will receive the virtual gift or if you are in a chat 1 on 1, the other person will receive the virtual gift no matter who did star it. We are adding this fix in next version. If you are on a page like streams, the stream owner gets the virtual gifts, but as stated before, you cannot send virtual gifts to yourself.

        The extra features that you are requesting, we are already working on them, it should be ready soon.

        Thank you for buying our modules and supporting our work.


        • and i saw the Button in the Profiles is not working for sending gifts ;)

          • We did fix this in version 1.0.1. If you have that version and the issue persists, please send us a testing account to test this in your website.

            Thank you.


          • ok have test it, it is working yet ... but when i send a gift than it will show me in my Shoppingcart ^^

          • We will start adding the change log for this product below this comment.

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