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  • PHP 7.4 (5.6 before 13.0.0-B2, 5.5.10 before 10.0.0-B1, 5.5.0 before 9.0.0-RC7)
    • allow_url_fopen must be on
    • allow_url_include must be off
    • short_open_tag must be on
    • memory_limit >= 128Mb
    • disable_functions shouldn't contain shell_exec, eval, assert, phpinfo, getenv, ini_set, fsockopen, chmod, parse_ini_file, readfile, escapeshellcmd, fput, popen
    • curl, gd, mbstring, json, fileinfo, zip, openssl, exif modules must be enabled
  • MySQL 5.5.3 (starting from 9.0.0-RC5)
  • Apache compatible or Nginx web-server (other web-servers may require special setup for rewrite rules)
  • Ffmpeg binary must be allowed to be run
  • Ability to setup cron jobs with one minute interval