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If you have auto-update enabled then your site should be updated within 24 hours.

If you are on manual updates, then

  • Go to Studio > Dashboard then click/tap Upgrade

  • After your system is updated (usually within a minute) go to Studio > Apps Market > Updates and apply all available modules updates.

  • After all updates are applied, try to reload the page to see if there are more than 1 update for the same module and apply it again until there are no more updates available on this page.

You can enable/disable automatic updates in Studio > Settings > System > Site Settings > Enable auto-update.

If you have very minor modifications and you want update script to overwrite it then you can enable the following setting:
Studio > Settings > System > Site Settings > Force auto-update, even if some files were modified
it will make updates to work if less than 5% of files are modified.

If more than 5% of files are modified then it's better to merge changes manually to avoid problems with the update.

Another option if more than 5% of files are modified is to overwrite any changes you've made in source code, then you need to change the following line in inc/classes/BxDolInstallerUtils.php file:




Then try to upgrade UNA or modules as usual.

There are several update channels - stable and beta. By default stable is used. It's possible to change in Studio > Developer > Settings > Update channel. If Developer module can't be installed then it's possible to change update channel by running the following SQL query:

UPDATE `sys_options` SET `value` = 'beta' WHERE `name` = 'sys_upgrade_channel';

Then clear DB cache in Studio > Dashboard > Cache block