Comment to 'Jot Server Config and SSL Questions'
  • Hi @Alexey , My JOT server was working just fine with forever. Then it stopped because AutoSSL got renewed automatically and new .crt and .key files were generated. Unfortunately, I noticed it many days later. Now I have edited config,json with the new information (.crt and .key files) but still my Messenger doesn't work. It shows the  'Connecting.....' message.

    Please, could you tell me which command line to use to restart the JOT Server? Or is there any other solution to fix this problem? Thanks

    • Hello @OneEagle !

      In common case it should be following set of the commands, under your SSH account:

      1) cd /opt/jot/

      2) forever stop app.js

      3) forever -w --watchDirectory=/var/cpanel/ssl/apache_tls/[your site URL] start app.js

      It might have differences in every certain case.