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We have released an update for the Messenger module and now the latest version is 9.0.13.

Below you may see the list of the changes:

1) All the media file types are supported in messenger history (video, sound, image type).  If you upload a sound file and it supports with your browser (mp3 for example), then talk's participants can playback it immediately without transcoding.

2) Files slideout panel allows to view or download all files attached to the talk. This panel also will be used for other abilities in future versions. 

3) Add support for browser's storage. Now if you write a message and want to open another talk or close the chat window, it is possible without losing the text. Next time when you open the talk in the same browser, you may see the icon near unfinished talks and continue writing.  

4) Support for browser's history. Messenger saves all the opened browsers' talks during the session and if you click on back browser's button it redirects you to the previous talk, but not to the previous page. This ability also allows opening talks list panel instead of a pervious page in the mobile version. 

5) Notifications integration. Now if you already read the message, it will not be added to notifications panel and notifications list, so you don't have to read notifications about the already viewed message. In future versions, we will exclude notifications from push and emails queue for read messages. 

6) Real-time information about users who read the message. It means that if you are online and have sent/received a message, it is possible to see small icons of the participants who already viewed the message as well.

7) Online status now is synchronized with UNA user's status. Away status isn't removed and works for users who are in messenger now but may read another talk or move the focus to another app. 

8) Edit message function was simplified for use. Now if you want to edit just sent message you need to click on up arrow button.

9) Previous icons set Feather was replaced with UNA defaults icons FontAwesome. It means now messenger icons are synchronized with the site's icons.

10) New options for message delete function. Administration of the site can enable/disable the ability for members to remove their messages and also enable/disable the ability to remove messages immediately without administration confirmation. It means that admin can allow members to remove their messages immediately from the talk's history without leaving any online fingerprints.

11) New sound about just obtained message. Something like Doo :)

12) Many improvements and fixes for popup menus, users selections behaviour in creating talks and etc, also added a base for the future updates. 


I have dolphin 7.3.5 and want to migrate it to UNA. I have them at the same server with UNA in a subdirectory. Should the migration happen right at the beginning or after the site look is changed. And also if I am using pkforum will that cause a problem in the migration from boonex.

the site is

my plan is to set up UNA and when it is in order remove dolphin completely.

Please i am completely new to this and I want to build my social network, please i need step to step process on how to start

Dear Alexy, I have a problem, an error "NOT LOGGED IN USERS CAN'T CREATE ACCOUNTS'. This started when the first invited user tried to access the system. What can we do?



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Hi Alexy, 

I will provide you with server access as soon as possible. 

I use a lot of iptables blocked IP ranges to block spamers from China, India, Russia etc. , I hope yours will not be among them.... 

What kind of access do you need? 


Kind regards


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Yesterday Alex T⚜️briefly announced the final release of the UNA 9. Indeed, after more than 3 years since of active development and testing; over 3 MILLION code additions in over 4000 commits; 1300 closed issues and 17 😮 pre-release versions, we finally have the stable UNA 9. 

Compared to UNA 8, this version brings hundreds of enhancements, including new modules, system improvements, new integrations, new templates, new objects, new features, etc. etc. Since we decided to make all RCs upgradable the UNA 9 has been tested quite actively by the UNA.IO community and used in production mode for all our clients working with UNA & Boonex team under X-level service plans. It is now considered a stable release, recommended for all sites powered by UNA. 

UNA Community

The v8 was released on 24th of November 2015. At the time, we haven't even launched UNA.IO site and were offering selected Boonex clients to try UNA. Later we launched UNA.IO provide community support and also use UNA ourselves, first hand, making sure that we eat our own cooking. Here's how the community grown during that period:

More importantly, we now have a core group of really dedicated community members, who committed to the platform and help us daily - asking and answering questions; trying new releases and sharing feedback; creating and uploading new apps to UNA Market; giving us hard time and praising us - all of that keeps the team rolling. 

Now, look at the numbers of discussions posted over the same time:

As you may see, we're actually entering the stage of active growth, which should further accelerate after this release. It's a very exciting, but also very challenging time. Increased popularity comes with added support overhead and information inputs. We will have to find ways to automate processes, improve documentation, streamline on-boarding and above all - make UNA even better.  

Start Guide & Demo Video

Over the last few months we committed to improvement of the UNA Documentation and development of the UNA Start Guide and the demo video, describing general aspects of UNA framework:

We highly recommend watching the video and reviewing the Start Guide even if you are familiar with the system. So many times we hear the phrase - "I didn't know I could do that" 😏.

What's Next

Why, UNA 10 of course! Yes, now that we have the 9 released, we are out of the feature-development lockout and can get back to making new awesome toys. Note, that the plan for v10 is to make it a (much) smaller update, adding some features and focusing primarily on streamlining UX (User-eXperience) of all pages. While UNA 9 gives a massive array of features, we should now make everything look and work sleek and clear. We estimate from 3 to 6 months for the 10. 

Along with the new features and modules planned for v10, we plan to finally introduce first working version of JOT as well as native mobile apps (iOS and Android) based on ReactNative for UNA. 

Naturally, service updates like 9.1, 9.2 may be released as required in the meantime, addressing any urgent fixes or security issues. 

Another consideration for us is the commitment to the old Dolphin 7.x updates for Boonex. An update is long overdue and the Boonex community has been suffering without an update for quite a while now. Even though Dolphin will eventually be fully transitioned to UNA-based solution, we still plan to maintain and update the 7.x until we can provide a seamless migration path. So, this will take some time, but we have ideas on how to make both platforms benefit from each other's development. 

Let's give them names!

Look, UNA 8 was pretty much just a "first look" version, while UNA 9 is what you could refer to as the "base". Now, UNA 10 will be about making everything "neat". Then, UNA 11 will be "fast". Then, perhaps "safe", "cool", you name it...

Actually, I mean it - you name it. What do you think would be a good set of names for UNA updates to distinguish between releases? Names of animals from same genus, some fictional characters from books or movies, or perhaps mythical heroes? What do you think would fit?

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