Comment to 'Two-Factor Verification'
  • Twilio own Authy. The same as Google Auth. 

    The thing is SMS is not always reliable and when someone can't sign in because a carrier is not getting the text they give up and don't come back sometimes. I know I have given up with some sites that only provide SMS verification.

    I think Genesis means is he wants the google auth to work with google cloud console. That would be an alternative.

    On most of my sites, I provide Google Auth as an alternative to SMS verification due to the issues mentioned. My Google Auth works by using Google Cloud Console and its two-factor services. 

    Even a general one. Like I can use the following to login to my google account. 

    Authy (iPhone and Android App)

    Google Auth Obviously

    Microsoft Authenticator


    This way people don't have to wait for a SMS that may never come. 

    At the moment I won't activate Two-Factor on my UNA sites due to this. Also, I find Twilio so expensive.