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There is one issue in 9.0.0-RC10:

- Notifications module settings aren't updating automatically, so you need to disable and then enable the module in the Studio > Notifications after all modules has been updated to the latest versions:

It should fix the problem. However all module settings, menus, pages will be reset.

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    • Thanks Alex
      • Solved:My Cron was not working properly. After fixing all  problems below solved and site was upgraded.

        Alex this message is coming:Most of them are not modified?


        Can't apply upgrade because the following files were modified: inc/header.inc.php.save, inc/classes/BxDolTwilio.php, studio/js/modules.js, studio/js/polyglot.js, studio/js/forms_lists.js, studio/js/navigation_sets.js, studio/js/forms_forms.js, studio/js/permissions_prices.js, studio/js/polyglot_keys.js, studio/js/polyglot_etemplates.js, studio/js/forms_displays.js, studio/js/module.js, studio/js/navigation_items.js, studio/js/login.js, studio/js/page.js, studio/js/store.js, studio/js/designer.js, studio/js/permissions.js, studio/js/language.js, studio/js/navigation_menus.js, studio/js/design.js, studio/js/forms_values.js, studio/js/launcher.js, studio/js/languages.js, studio/js/designs.js, studio/js/forms.js, studio/js/menu_top.js, studio/js/navigation_import.js, studio/js/builder_page.js, studio/js/permissions_actions.js, studio/js/forms_fields.js, studio/template/css/store.css, studio/template/css/builder_page.css, studio/template/css/designs.css, studio/template/css/page_columns.css, studio/template/css/permissions.css, studio/template/css/navigation.css, studio/template/css/languages.css, studio/template/css/forms.css, studio/template/css/common.less, studio/template/css/builder_forms.css, studio/template/css/launcher.css, studio/template/css/builder.css, studio/template/css/modules.css, studio/template/css/menu_top.css, studio/template/css/polyglot.css, studio/template/css/general.css, template/images/icons/apple-touch-icon.png, template/images/icons/facebook-icon.png, template/images/icons/favicon.png, page.php

        • may be file permissions?

          Some files normally needed to be modified like favicon, header.inc.php others mostly unmodified.I am testing on the clone site so no problem if any problem happens :)

          • It looks like you've modified these files, the system detected modified files and won't overwrite it without your permission. 

            If not too many files were modified you can force upgrade by changeing the following setting:

            Studio > Settings > System > Site Settings > Force auto-update, even if some files were modified

            But some or all modified files can be overwritten.

            • My site didn't automatically update although I have it checked but,  I do see the RC10 update available in the Studio > Dashboard. 

              So can I do this manually? Upgrade UNA first then,  each module I have installed? 

              Note: I am on a dedicated server. 

              • Site will be automatically upgraded within 24 hours if you enabled auto-upgrade and have cronjobs properly setup.

                You can force manual system upgrade from Studio > Dashboard, and then modules updates from Studio > Market > Updates

                • Thank you

                  • Solved:

                    My Cron was not working properly. After fixing all  problems below solved and site was upgraded.

                    Alex for my site the force update just say site will be upgraded in a minute and nothing happens I waited 10 mins :)

                    I installed a fresh UNA 9 and the same thing happened with it too.Nothing in apache error. How to debug?

                    PS: I am using the test database which has tables on it, but I guess fresh install drops them?

                    PS2: now i installed to another server fresh UNA 9 with softacolous the result is same. Your update server overloaded may be?Just waitingSite will be upgraded within a minute

                    • Alex T⚜️ , I have the same problem, nothing happens ...

                      • I installed Mass Mailer, created a campaign, sent a test to myself and got the following error:


                        I still got the email though and it looked fine. 

                        So I decided to go ahead and send it to my members and got the following error:


                        Not sure what is going on but this was one of my favorite new additions that I wanted. Can anyone assist?

                        • I tried it on rc9, I had the same bug, I suspected it was going out ...

                          • Also happened to notice that the date created is wrong too. I just created this campaign a few moments ago. 


                            • I decided to test this on my test site as well and noticed that I still get the error BUT what REALLY gets me, when I choose to send it, it says this will be sent to 6 addresses????? I am the only 'member' of my test site. Any ideas where these 6 are coming from?


                              • Alex T⚜️ is the patch mandatory?

                                • I need help on this Mass Mailer program. Anyone wanna help me out? I need this to work please. 

                                  • Thank you for the reports, I will pass it on to the responsible person.

                                    • Thank you Alex T⚜️ . Hopefully that 'responsible person' will be responsible and provide us with a quick fix. I have been wanting this App so that I could reach out to 150+ members to come back to my website. 

                                      I am hoping for a quick resolution. 

                                      • Issues with the mailer will be addressed promptly and whatever possible will be included into the module update. 

                                        • Thank you Andrew Boon ! I have faith 😁 

                                          • Chris,  Mass Mailer update released.Please install it with manually if you have auto-updates disabled.Thank you for your help and patience.

                                            • Thank you Roman!.  I have auto updates on but I'll check and test this out. 

                                              • Hey Roman L , I installed the update. The test worked just fine without the error. When I go to send the campaign, It says it will be sent to 5 profiles? I am the only person on the test site. Why would it say 5 profiles? I have NOT yet sent this since I am still testing. 


                                                • Chris, may be you have 1 account and 5 profiles connected with it?

                                                  • Hey Roman, I have the administrator account and I created a Test Organization. So it would be 1 account 1 profile. I am using the campaign that I created yesterday so, not sure if I need to create a new one or not but I can try that too. 

                                                    • Chris, can you give me your site address, i sign up, and you make me administrator, to find  the reason

                                                      • Sure.  I will send you a DM here with the info

                                                        • Roman L  - I have sent you a DM on messenger and awaiting your response. 

                                                          • is the patch mandatory?

                                                            It's not mandatory, but very advisable since there are almost 120 bugfixes.

                                                            • Mass Mailer 9.0.2 update released.Please install it with manually if you have auto-updates disabled.

                                                              • Is it wise to wait for RC11 then upgrade all at once?

                                                                • Yes Hodor he is wise, rc10 has introduced new bugs, some of which are nasty. so as rc11 should not drag, my opinion is that it is better wait.

                                                                  • I've just re-installed UNA (third party hosting) using Softaculous and upgraded my account. The installed version is 9.0.0-RC10, there is a message in the Dashboard that I need to update to 9.0.0-RC11, however when I click Update I get a message "Site will be upgraded within a minute" and then nothing happens.After I upgraded I was able to download apps, but cannot install most of them as I get the message "Check the script version for compatibility: The module is not compatible with your version of UNA" when I try, so it is not a viable option to wait for the next update. 

                                                                    Suggestions please!

                                                                    • Hello, I had this case. When it is so you receive a notification with an error message at the address specified in the setting. In my case, I was not receiving this message because the email address in question was new and misconfigured. Once this problem was fixed, I received the error message and it was a problem of permission of www-data on certain files.So I suggest to check your emails, check if cron works properly, what you can see in studio => Dashboard => Host Tools => Audit Server.The goal is to receive the notification that tells you what is a problem.

                                                                      • Hi Rowena,

                                                                        This seems like a cron problem.Updates are processed through cron jobs.Add this command to your crontab :* * * * * /usr/bin/php -q /yoursitedirectory/periodic/cron.phpFrom ssh:crontab -eIf you are using cpanel there is also the section to add cron jobs there.As the upgrade is not processed, your module scripts are giving version error.

                                                                        • Hi Cem,Thank you for your help! I'm feeling a bit out out of my depth here.I managed to add the command and now have a new message which states "No input file specified."I am using cPanel. Any suggestions what to do next?Thanks again

                                                                          • Hi Rowena!

                                                                            So did you try to insert command which was shown to you by Cem? Did you enter there your real path to PHP and periodic/cron.php files in your server?

                                                                            • Where and in which condition is this message seen ?Can you give more details?(You may also ask your hosting company to add the cron job for you.)

                                                                              • Suggestion: Would it be useful to take the full path detected and the cron command suggested during the installation somewhere in the auditing server part, do not you think?

                                                                                • Suggestion: Would it be useful to take the full path detected and the cron command suggested during the installation somewhere in the auditing server part, do not you think?

                                                                                  Thank you for the suggestion:https://github.com/unaio/una/issues/1766

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