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Since the year 2000 our team is working with social networking software, online communities, online dating, communication apps and everything around.

Personally, I am very passionate about social software and the potential for the positive impact it may bring. I love talking to idea-people and helping to launch meaningful online community projects. I am here at all the time, so feel free to start a conversation, or talk to me in the messenger. If you prefer the old-fashioned e-mail route - it's for myself and for the team.

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Reposted Btasey's post.

I recently presented my UNA site at the State Convention to demonstrate what our group has invested in and how it could be used at the state level. The state board was very impressed! We had several groups enthusiastically embrace the site, and express their eagerness to invite their entire group to join our site. I believe I will be able to afford to create a fully functional site thanks to the support I received at the convention.

I wanted to share this news with the community, and to thank the developers for creating such an impressive and flexible software program! With UNA, I have been able to create something that's changed the way my group thinks about marketing and outreach. We're going to grow in membership together! Thank you!

Andrew Boon
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If you experience any slow-loading on UNA.IO, please share what features seem slow, specifically. Notifications? Timeline? Profiles? Messenger? Anything else?

We're determined to make UNA 10 fast across the beard and need your input.

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The Studio Launcher is redesigned in UNA 10, adding a new feature we call Switcher, which tracks the apps you've opened in Studio and shows them in successive order in the header. THis way you can switch between a few apps you used most recently without having to find them in the Launcher. Really helps when you need to switch between, say, Forms, Designer and Polyglot frequently.  

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UNA 10 will include a few significant improvements for videos publishing, transcoding and playback. Now we decided to integrate the Plyr media player as a UNA App, which would allow to use it for all videos on the site (both in Videos module and in the new video attachments in other modules).

We've chosen Plyr for the permissive MIT license (same as UNA), lightweight and a great feature set, covering our immediate needs and more. So, things like playback quality selector, picture-in-picture, monetization and even some form of YouTube embeds is on the way. 

Stay tuned! 

Andrew Boon
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The next update is far too big for a "Minor", so we decided to rename it to UNA 10. It may well be even more significant than UNA 9 was, so it's only fair to designate it as a Major update.

What to expect in UNA 10

Over 150 improvements and fixes will be included with the core and modules with significant improvements in performance, media management, default configuration, UX/UI and functionality in general. Some of the most notable additions include:

  • iOS, Android, Win and MacOS native apps to your UNA site, connected via "Nexus" UNA App.
  • Delayed video publishing.
  • Optimised Timeline/Feeds.
  • JOT.
  • Studio and templates design updates.
  • Direct media-attachments for Posts and Discussions (photo, video, file, mini-poll).
  • Dark/Light/Custom modes (via user-controlled Styles in templates).
  • Optimised Covers.
  • Improvements in Events, Albums, Notifications

Additionally, we are working on a systemwide multi-level labels system, which likely makes it into UNA 10 as well. 

The first upgradable Beta is planned for the 1st of June.

Andrew Boon
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Starting from UNA 10 we adopt a definitive update release schedule, which is designed to provide a better idea for when to expect future releases and to maintain a predictable release cycle. All updates will be classified as Major, Minor or Service, with the following timing:

1. Included updates may be adjusted at any stage to meet the deadline.

2. Show-stoppers and security fixes can be added at any stage and released outside of the schedule.

3. The final deadline is not movable. 

4. If some planned features are not ready before the deadline they are moved over to future updates. 

5. If known bugs are not fixed before the deadline, associated features are rolled back or follow-up fix is planned for the next update. 

6. Major releases always have public betas. 

7. Minor releases may not have public betas.

8. Service updates don’t have public betas but may have private betas.

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There is a lot going on. 

First, all the improvements we accumulated for the next release added up to make it a major feature update. There is no way we can push it as a small iteration. More on this in a couple of days. 

Second, a few UNA-powered websites that we're working with went into a viral-growth mode and we are handling the scaling challenges. It's a combination of optimal hardware/backend setup, site configuration and the platform design characteristics. There is a world of difference between the site with 5 online members and the site with 5000 online members. So far we haven't had any show-stoppers. We also get lots of data allowing to fine-tune UNA and work out the best backend architecture for large scale. All the changes will be part of the next update. 

Third, we're dealing with a spike of automated spam attacks. Again, improving the system and learning from it. 

So, in the next few weeks expect a massive feature update and two configuration guides (performance and security).  

Andrew Boon
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UNA.IO is 5000+ members strong as of yesterday. 💪

Plus, we had the best (non-promotional) 24-hour growth reported today. This morning we have discussed the release plan and I now have a feeling we're going to make that curve go steeper yet.

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