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Just updated the Messenger app - UX fixes and performance updates. Let us know if you notice any issues here on UNA.IO. 
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So much happened in 2020. While there were not many blockbuster movies made, it seems that news and reality of life provided enough drama and entertainment to make up for it many times over. Global pandemic, global panic, global reshaping of the society - whatever you choose to call it - the world has changed, or at least started to change. We are community software developers. Wo create tools that power independent social networks and provide configuration services for startups with multi-user apps ideas. To us 2020 was the year that amplified the gravity of our mission to the point when it's no longer about building a financially successful business or having a good time coding together - it is now a social responsibility of utmost significance. We must do our absolute best to halt the advance of monolithic technology giants that took full control of social networking, communication, commerce, media and entertainment. There is no justification for the likes of Facebook, Youtube Amazon, Zoom, Netflix and Google skyrocketing their revenue and valuations while further abusing freedom of speech, infringing on privacy and stifling competition. It is not OK that just a handful of enterprises have the power to decide what we get to see, hear, read and say. If we don't want to end up like the ELO's 21st century man - "Though you ride on the wheels of tomorrowYou still wander the fields of your sorrow" - facing the future that's not at all what we were dreaming about, but rather a hegemony of tech giants, then we must fight. We must give the power of technology back to people - to community leaders with ideas and determination to create multiple startups that give rise to a new wave of independent communities of all kinds and sizes. Anyone should be able to create online groups, automate businesses, unite people around shared causes, share knowledge, share creative art, collaborate with teams, operate community marketplaces and reach out to their social connections without giving away privacy, compromising on level of control and sucking up to someone else's commercial or political agenda.We build UNA to do our part. We want to you to use UNA to do yours. On the first week of 2021 we have finally released the largest and the most important update we ever produced...UNA 12 (Antares)One post is not enough to even begin to describe the scope of this release. We added educational modules to expand to Learning Management; added Tasks for team collaboration; improved core performance significantly; restructured Studio to make UNA more suitable for building custom networking solutions; added asynchronous loading for blocks and menus; introduced forms fields privacy controls; added location controls without Google places; overhauled timeline feeds and the list goes on. Over the next few weeks we'll be publishing more details about v12, releasing additional modules and updating documentation. There is also a plan for new series of video tutorials and regular webinars, but for now we have to keep the announcement simple - look at the list of most notable improvements and help us test the first beta. New modules released:- API- Classes- Courses- TasksNew modules coming in upcoming betas:- Feedback- Media- Reminders- ReviewsSystem enhancements:- New Studio GUI - #3073- Record Video type of uploader - #3081- Asynchronous blocks with placeholders - #3051 #2896- Asynchronous badges for menus - #3002- Custom lists of different contents (instead of favourites) - #2875- Speed improvements - #3039 #3006- Location field improvements, integration of non Google services - #1519- Pinned comments - #2597- Rateable form fields - #2991- Privacy for form fields - #2745- Nested forms - #2990- Ability to use use any profile field as replaceable marker in page blocks - #3082- Sliding menus were changes to menus with "More..." item - #2496- Templates are less in size and more prune to work upon updates - #3108- Sticky columns for pages - #2954- New interface for Labels - #2878- Previews for PDF files in attachments section - #2859- Pages/blocks cache issue with additional css/js files is now fixes - #2572- Ability to clear reports - #3056- Automatically suspend content after N reports - #3049- More prune to work reset password functionality - #2995- 2FA improvements - #2943- Badges improvement - #2702- Custom pages now support images for sharing in other networks - #2932- Ability to use different S3 compatible storages such as Google Cloud Storage, Wasabi and SigV4 support for Amazon S3 Storage - #2952- Moderator notes - #2764- Reports functionality for comments - #2649- Pages builder: default system(hidden) cell for inactive blocks - #2692- Pages builder: block menu design selector - #2334- Page builder for site search page - #1785- Show total number of records in some grids - #2445- Membership levels: immediate upgrade for infinite user levels - #2777- Option for default cURL timeout - #3079- API enhancements (more endpoints) - #3098 #2776 #2634- Memcached cache can be cleared now - #3078- Server audit improvements - #3013- Moderators can't suspend other moderators and admins now - #2975- MySQL cluster support with readonly nodes - #2950- Profiles and accounts names can't start with "@" now - #2673- Build-in `bx_file_get_contents` function can send JSON POST - #3093- Design enhancements - #3046- Install command line interface enhancements - #3041Modules enhancements:- Payments: single transaction mode for multiple purchases from different vendors - #2992- Payments: Apple In-App purchase support - #2941 #2915- Payments: improvements - #2892- Files: major redesign and hierarchal structure - #3068- Forum: different new attachments - #2861- Posts: audio attachments - #2860- Group based modules: paid join - #1904- Group based modules: roles for users in groups - #2973- Group based modules: ability for group admins to manage(edit/remove) all content in a context - #2843- Group based modules: regular notification is sent now upon invitation - #2973- Timeline: ability to mute individual profiles in the feed - #3050- Timeline: updated cards - #3026- Timeline: timeline post media editing - #701- Notifications: possibility to set default value (active or inactive) for users' settings - #2963- Notifications: possibility in settings to select all with a single click - #2946- Ads/Posts: smaller images for Timeline cards - #2978- Content modules: use first photo as main photo if cover photo isn't uploaded - #2966- Events: Upcoming events - #2790- Videos: multi-categories - #2774- Organizations: multi-categories - #2772- Persons/Organizations: option to not deactivate profiles after edit - #2585- Decorous: template enhancement - #2951 #2602- Polls: some empty white space in Timeline card was removed - #2949- Massmailer: visibility based on ACL - #3069- Stripe: strong customer authentication - #3040There is a more - you can see the full list and review the code here - UNA 12.0.0-B1 on Github. 152 issues closed overall.IMPORTANT: UNA 12 is still in BetaThis is the very first beta of a very big feature update. To use this version you'd have to switch to beta channel and run the update. It is not considered production-ready yet, so make sure to make backups of you are updating a live site. We plan to iterate betas quickly but v12 is still rough, so please be careful and report your observations in the Discussions section.
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UNA 11.0.4 is released in the production channel. This is a service update covering 87 bugfixes and minor improvements. As usual, all sites configured to production update channel and with auto-updates enabled will update automatically. This update is considered stable and recommended for all sites powered by UNA.  But what about UNA 12?UNA 12 development is now complete and we begin packages preparation tomorrow. This process usually takes 3-5 days, so we should fit somewhere between Christmas and NYE. The reason why we release 11.0.4 now is that UNA 12 will be in beta-channel for at least a few more weeks, so any sites that use production-channel only will benefit from a service update now. UNA 12 will include over 90 enhancements, including significant core updates, new modules and UX improvements. 
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Thank you UNA team and UNA community for your passion and grit! We are all fighting the good fight and the best part is that we have each other. 🙏🌟❤️
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This week we'll be fully transitioning away from Google Analytics and switching to Matomo On-Premise for traffic analytics. This is the first step towards providing Matomo as a preferred analytics system for UNA-powered sites using Google Cloud, recommended for all self-hosted sites and installed on-premise for all Business and Enterprise UNA clients. You can still choose to continue using Google Analytics, but we do recommend to consider Matomo.A few reasons to choose Matomo over GA:- No data-sampling. All of your traffic is considered.- Full configuration and integration control with Matomo On-premise. - Better privacy protection for your clients.- Configurable for full GDPR-compliance.Most importantly, we want to get rid of as many dependencies on external services as possible in UNA. Companies like Facebook and Google failed to uphold adequate privacy protection standards, and we can not in full conscience continue using them wherever we can find a good alternative. 
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