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Since the year 2000 our team is working with social networking software, online communities, online dating, communication apps and everything around.

Personally, I am very passionate about social software and the potential for the positive impact it may bring. I love talking to idea-people and helping to launch meaningful online community projects. I am here at all the time, so feel free to start a conversation, or talk to me in the messenger. If you prefer the old-fashioned e-mail route - it's for myself and for the team.


Watch the Search Engine Optimisation overview - basic steps and tips for a newly-installed community based on UNA. While most of the ideas discussed in the video are quite obvious and simple, we observe a surprising number of UNA-powered sites not taking advantage of basic SEO configuration. 

More advances tricks, ideas and techniques will be discussed in future tutorials. Please, share your SEO secrets in the comments - sharing secrets is good for you 😉 - together we can push for UNA to become the most SEOptimised framework in the world!

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In UNA v11 we'll have: 

  • reactions stats popup showing all types in tabs
  • reactions and comments stats links separated from action buttons
  • comments counter showing last 5 commenters profile pictures

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We currently charge $50/mo for access to all UNA PowerApps installation and updates. UNA core and CoreApps can be used for free, but often we hear from people asking for a trial for PowerApps, as it may be difficult to assess which ones you may need, how they work, and if they’d be used by you site users.

So, we were thinking about a way to offer a trial, but we don’t want to uninstall, deactivate or  limit modules post-trial if they’re not paid for. This would mean that we’d have to add a way to remotely force client sites to downgrade or lose functionality in some way. We don‘t want to even consider making such a tool. The only way we want UNA sites to communicate with UNA.IO is by requesting available apps and updates, and installing them if authorised by site operator.

Now, the idea is to allow free download and installation of all PowerApps, but limit updates to licensed ones only. For example, if you want to try the Messenger, you’d be able to download, install and use it for free, but if a new version becomes available you would have to buy the app or sign up for a monthly plan that includes all powerapps updates (Pro or Cloud). If you haven’t been using it much, or your community is still in pre-production, you’d be able to simply uninstall and install the new version for free. If, however, the module is used actively and there is user data in it, uninstalling would wipe all the data, so a paid update is the only option. Simply using an outdated module is also not likely to work, as it may break compatibility with the rest of the system. Therefore, webmasters need to decide if they have to delete the app (to keep other modules up to date), or reinstall it (and lose user data), or pay for updates.

What do you think? Would that be a good change?

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Today you may notice the video icon in the UNA.IO messenger. We are are testing embedded Jitsi Meet integration, which is the first step towards equipping UNA with a full stack of A/V streaming and conferencing tools.

Video is still a very tricky area, especially when the challenge is to use open-source technologies and low entry cost architecture. Most popular video-streaming apps rely on proprietary RTMServers and purpose-built native apps. Open technologies like WebRTC progressed a lot in the last few years, but various browsers and OSs still make it cumbersome to built universal solutions. We have chosen Jitsi as the most popular open-source toolset for video conferencing. Once we get a smooth solution using Jitsi Meet integration we plan to explore the setups with own on-server videobridge as well as multicast features like one-to-many live video streaming, simultaneous recording/compressing, etc. 


Testing UNA iOS app update (v1.3) via TestFlight.  Much faster. With some optimisations going into core v11 update this thing should fly. 


Just got this in team chat...

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Videos discussing common questions and challenges that we face, and how we make decisions based on a simple principle - keeping it real.  What looks good "on-paper" may not be the same as what works best in real-life situations. Through our experience of building social networking software for over 17 years, we've learned a lot about "the big questions". In this series, I talk about these in details, in a causal manner, while driving around and doing daily chores. Keeping it real.  #keepitreal

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What is your favourite template? Please share your reasons in comments. 

Which one do you think is better - comments with cards...Or comments without cards, but with a highlight on-hover...Please comment with reasons for your choice. Thank you!

We are adopting the "THEME-BASED PRODUCT ROAD MAPS" method for UNA development. Vote for your #1 choice of THEME to help us define priority. We plan to focus on each theme for a month over the next...

What kind of text #editor (if any) do you think should be used in a #Messenger?

No editor, just plain text.
26 votes  (41.27%)
Pure contentEditable standard browser tools.
8 votes  (12.7%)
Pure Markdown or BBcode
5 votes  (7.94%)
Editor based on contentEditable with WYSIWYG-style interface.
12 votes  (19.05%)
WYSIWYG editor.
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What is your preferred shape of #profile #pictures?  Please, elaborate on your choice in comments.

63 votes  (58.88%)
19 votes  (17.76%)
Rounded Square
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What general #direction do you think UNA #development should be focused on in the next 2-3 months?

User experience improvement
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Performance and loading speed
4 votes  (9.76%)
More features and apps
15 votes  (36.59%)
Studio settings improvements
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Easier on-boarding & configuration workflow
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Other (leave comment)
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Which method of #communication is most popular on your site?

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Conversations (asynchronous; private or group; variable subject).
8 votes  (15.38%)
Messenger (synchronous or delayed; private, group or public; spontaneous or no subject).
31 votes  (59.62%)
Comments (asynchronous; public; committed subject).
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