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Since the year 2000 our team is working with social networking software, online communities, online dating, communication apps and everything around.

Personally, I am very passionate about social software and the potential for the positive impact it may bring. I love talking to idea-people and helping to launch meaningful online community projects. I am here at all the time, so feel free to start a conversation, or talk to me in the messenger. If you prefer the old-fashioned e-mail route - it's for myself and for the team.

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The second beta with 30 bugfixes, Notifications for Reactions and Search by Radius in custom search forms is here. 

Release details:

Please, note that you must upgrade to UNA10b1 to be able to upgrade to the second beta. 

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It's often easy to underestimate just how nuanced and multi-variable UX development may be. It should be easy to display a short member-card, right? Then add local state for specific modules showing meta info related to the authored content type; then add a builder for global meta info and in-place action buttons; then accounts for narrow, wide, detailed, compact states; then consider mixed in-place and global meta info groups combos; then make sure it's consistent with style guide; then create versions for all templates and style-sets; allow for empty sets; specify which local meta info is shown for each module... and... it just never ends really. 😯

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Working on Beta 2 full-steam now.


The first Beta for UNA10 is available now. Please, note that this is the very first public release and it is not considered stable, though we will make sure to release follow up updates promptly to address all reported issues.

All Betas are upgradable, so if you do choose to upgrade now, you will be able to progressively upgrade all the way to a stable release. 

For detailed descriptions and links to all included tickets please refer to UNA 10b1 release notes

New modules

System enhancements

  • Minimal required PHP version was changed to 5.6 - #2029
  • Reactions - #2139 #1691
  • Relationships - #1907
  • Optimizations - #2114 #2100
  • Labels remake - #2102 #1960
  • Encoding to webm format was removed, instead 720p mp4 additional video format was added - #1852
  • Delayed publishing for posts with videos - #1465
  • Design changes - #2113 #2105 #2095 #2094 #2016 #1994 #1868 #1859
  • Ability to specify membership level as privacy for Admins - #1132
  • Homepage submenu - #2120
  • Automatic 'More' menu item for some menus - #2123 #1993
  • Option to hide item on mobile app in Pages and Menu builders - #2039
  • Ability to choose embed provider (Embedly, Iframely) or turn it off - #1982
  • Automatically renew browser's cache when system or module is updated when UNA cache is off - #2112
  • Don't send system email notification about Friend Request if Notifications module is enabled - #2087
  • Immediate subscription cancellation, instead of cancellation request - #2047
  • Enhancements in 'Live Updates' notification popups - #2059
  • Warn about wrong account during app purchasing in Studio Apps Market - #1876
  • Add support for Block End form element in Studio Forms builder - #1919
  • More descriptive error message for Studio multilingual field - #2077
  • 'Clear custom cache' action was added in Studio dashboard cache block
  • Retina images are more optimized for mobiles now - #2004
  • Add minimum word length setting which allows to search in global search - #1983
  • InnoDB support (some manual actions required) - #2130
  • Separate membership action for view voters list - #2129
  • Group based modules: improvements - #1908 #1782
  • Profile based modules: separate privacy field for post to - #1816
  • Profile based modules: display the same cover on all profile sub-tabs - #1816
  • Profile based modules: unit meta info enhancements - #2115
  • Profiles based modules: display number of friends and followers on profile view page - #2018
  • Persons based modules: simple browsing unit with just an image and title - #1961
  • Display users' avatars in manage grids - #2036
  • Autogenerated passwords are alphanumeric without special chars now - #2013
  • Count impressions in Views object - #1658
  • Service method support for list of checkboxes in search form - #2116
  • Service method which returns number of online users - #1959
  • readfile function was added to disable_functions checking in audit page
  • When form initialisation is complete bx-form-processed CSS class for form element is added - #1988
  • Some enhancements in informer - #2099
  • Language changes - #2060 #2050

Modules enhancements

  • Posts: allow to post different type of content (similar to post to Timeline) - #1630
  • Timeline: allow to repost from context - #2097
  • Timeline: get rid of duplicate posts - #2086
  • Timeline: design changes - #2085 #1930 #1898
  • Timeline: drag&drop uploader - #1713
  • Timeline: caching - #2040
  • Timeline: updates in get events list alert - #1900
  • Protean: Light and Dark mixes - #2096
  • Protean: design changes - #1869
  • Notifications: improved behaviour when switching from/to grouped mode - #2145
  • Notifications: scores support - #2138
  • Notifications: some enhancements - #2041
  • Notifications: better titles - #2002
  • Discussions: design changes - #1891
  • Conversations: new filter for unread messages - #2091
  • Events: some enhancements - #2125 #2090 #1992
  • Albums: some enhancements - #2089 #1991 #1918
  • Antispam: profanity words filter - #2028
  • Invitations: allow to set several emails in "Email to send invitation requests to" - #2068
  • Developer: allow to set/edit 'Hide On' for menu items in Menu builder - #2057
  • Persons/Orgs: add ability to search by email in persons administration grid - #2027
  • Persons/Orgs: online status on profile view page - #2019
  • Accounts: ability to show all unconfirmed accounts - #1972
  • Market: some enhancements - #1901 #1832
  • Analytics: mobile view change - #1874
  • Froala: update to v.3.0.0 - #2124
  • FontAwesome: update to v.5.9.0 - #2031

125+ bugfixes


Download UNA 10.0.1.b1 - for new installation


  • if you are using Amazon S3 storage then you need to rename bx_posts_files folder to bx_posts_covers in your S3 bucket

Update from 9.0.1 via Studio

Please, note that this is a Beta release, so it doesn't show in Studio automatically if you already updated to 9.0.1. 

If you choose to apply this update please make the following changes after your site is updated to 9.0.1:

Edit file inc/classes/BxDolUpgrader.php


protected $_sUrlVersionCheck = '';


protected $_sUrlVersionCheck = ''; 

This will allow for beta release updates to be applied.

More detailed instructions from Chris -


More info about this release will follow during this week (we had a long day). Thank you so much for your patience and for helping us test the new update!

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Gearing up for tomorrow. Barring any emergences, UNA10 should be released then.


This disgusting company is rotten inside out. It’s so bad that making the world Facebook-free is enough motivation to work on the alternative solution. It’s too big and too evil to stay unchecked 

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Andrew Boon added a discussion

When users upload content with videos, publishing will be delayed until video attachments are available for viewing (converted on-server) to prevent sending notifications and showing content in followers feeds until it is "ready". 

The video is transcoded to MP4 only in 3 resolutions (360p, 480p, 720p). 360p will be automatically chosen in Feeds. 480p and 720p are available on the dedicated page containing this video. More resolutions can be configured with a different approach, so ideas and suggestions are welcome. THis is the first take. 

Also, with the new video player (Plyr) integration, there are new player controls, PIP, speed control and ad-syndication. Plyr is MIT licensed, so there's no additional liability. 

Support for other video players integration is now also possible UNA.

Andrew Boon added a discussion

As many of you know we had 15th of June set as a target due date for the UNA10. Here's what's going on:

1. We are testing a feature-final version already and you can see the code in our Github repo. 

2. This update is quite big, so testing is more involved than usual and we do have a few remaining known issues we need to address over the next few days. 

3. We are already working on upgrade script for those upgrading from v9.

4. Almost all modules had changes, so the version and modules packaging is taking time. 

5. All of the above steps are somewhat unpredictable and may take anywhere from a couple of days up to a week. We're pushing as hard as we can to make it happen ASAP. 


JOT is a very new "thing" - it's not just another UNA module, since it requires additional software installation on server-side as well as special configuration. We have been considering various ways of making JOT available as a product and ultimately decided to include it as a free UNA core component, which will be available to everyone regardless of subscription type. We see JOT as a new type of functional "skin" for UNA, which integrates with existing configuration ans accommodates existing Content and Context modules. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the community to make it available to as many operators as possible. 

UNA10 is already equipped with services required for JOT to work if installed separately. So, the most likely scenario is that we will release UNA10 and follow up with the JOT 1 shortly afterwards, while a "built-in" JOT will appear a little later in a subsequent UNA update.

iOS, Android, Mac and Win Apps

All native apps will work with UNA 10 right after the release. A PowerApps called "Nexus" will be required to correctly connect the apps and your UNA site. Nexus app will be available as part of the Pro and Cloud subscriptions, as well as a separate purchase via UNA Apps Market (the planned price is $100 including 1 year of updates).

Beta Versions

UNA 10 will be first released as an upgradable Beta and will be staged through as many beta-versions as it may be necessary to mark it as "stable". All potential Beta updates will be subsequently upgradable, making it possible to use UNA10 for live site, though we do recommend doing so with caution (make regular backups and observe your site closely). 

Thank you for your support and patience!

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Dark Mode in UNA10

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